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Future Students

Gain the type of practical experience highly sought after by prospective employers while studying forms of written expression that inform and shape our culture.

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Experience Writing

Our experiential capstone courses allow you to gain practical experience in the essential processes of designing, producing and publishing texts, including books, periodicals, digital, multi-modal and institutional writing, plus projects tailored for community partners.

Essential Skills

You will develop knowledge of professional writing genres, styles, and techniques - both print and digital - while simultaneously gaining both theoretical and practical insight into how writing shapes and impacts the world around us. The breadth offered by this degree promotes critical skills essential for embarking on a great variety of career paths.

Campus Resources

Our Writing Centre is a support resource which allows you to connect with a writing instructor. This unique resource comes free of charge and features workshops, tutoring and one-on-one support aimed at improving and enhancing your writing skills.

To be a writer, you have to be flexible, you have to adapt to change, and you have to do it constantly so that as new developments come out you'll know how to deal with them.

— Andrea McKenzie,
Associate Professor, Writing Centre Director

Program Options

At university, writing is one of our greatest tools, because it allows us to express, expand, and clarify our thoughts, as well as communicate with instructors. Yet, it can be a challenge. At York University, we recognize the importance of good writing, and the Writing Department's aim is to develop our students' critical thinking and writing skills to ensure their success in both their studies and future careers. The Writing Department's mandate is to help them become confident, articulate, and independent thinkers and writers.

Professional Writing

The Professional Writing program offers students the opportunity to develop the analytic and critical skills needed to keep pace with cultural, social and technological transformation in the contemporary world.

English & Professional Writing

The specialized nature of this program lies in the blending of English and Professional Writing into a single degree program that highlights and enhances the relationship between the two fields of study.

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