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Meet the Writing Centre’s Writing Instructor, Dr. Matthew Bucemi

Meet the Writing Centre’s Writing Instructor, Dr. Matthew Bucemi

Over the Summer of 2022, the York Writing Centre reviewed its programs and added new Instructors to better suit the needs of students. Over the next few months, we will be highlighting some of the writing experts and specialists at the Writing Centre so you can get to know them better and see how they support students at the Writing Centre!

As part of the Writing Centre’s Specialists blog series, today’s blog post will be highlighting the Writing Centre’s newest full-time writing instructor Professor Matthew Bucemi.

Matthew Bucemi, writing instructor

Dr. Bucemi is the Writing Department’s book publishing instructor for the bookmaking stream. He has over 10 years of experience in the publishing industry and developed a strong background in editing. He earned a PhD in English at Cornell University in 2013 and later followed that up with a degree in Illustration and cartooning from George Brown. 

Dr. Bucemi specializes in literature, media studies, and editing as well as many other topics related to language and cultural studies.

This background makes me a strong editor of all sorts of material and topics

he says, and a great resource for Writing Centre visitors!

At the Writing Centre, students from any academic discipline can book a one-to-one appointment with Dr. Bucemi. One-to-one appointments allow students to receive help at any stage of the writing assignment and Dr. Bucemi achieves just this!

He provides flexible support, helping students reshape and work on anything— from structure and research to thesis statements and grammar. “I help them reshape and work on anything that they need help with,” he confirms.

Still, as Dr. Bucemi explains, much of his skill lies in helping students make use of the talents they already have:

I think that part of the job of a Writing Centre is to show students that they already have the excellence that they are searching for, and that they can often develop their own solutions to tricky writing problems after being prompted by the right questions and encouragement.

Men and Women looking at a notebook, the woman is writing in it

In his experience, he pays particular attention to students who didn’t feel like they were strong writers and helped them develop a new sense of confidence and pride in what they were going to submit to class.

Similarly, seeing student success inspires Dr. Bucemi as well.

When I see students working hard and striving for success, I get motivated to work even harder in my own right. Secondly, the fun and excitement of seeing a light bulb turn on over a student's head when they've come to a big realization or overcome a major challenge just never gets old.

Dr. Bucemi also cares a lot about the York student experience, especially since he was once an undergraduate student at a commuter school as well. 

I came here [York University] to help them [students] achieve their own big dreams and have a successful, meaningful university experience. I owe a lot to the professors who mentored me, and I want to be that professor for others.

To book a 50-minute appointment with Dr. Bucemi or any other writing instructor, students can visit the Writing Centre’s Live appointments page where they find our booking system and more information about our live sessions. 

Come check out our one-to-one appointments to receive flexible and judgement-free writing support!

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To learn more about one-to-one appointments, please visit our registration page. The Writing Centre's online resources will continue to grow all year! You can also visit the Writing Centre’s blog!