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Check out the Writing Centre this Summer!

Check out the Writing Centre this Summer!

Come one and all! The Writing Centre is open for the S2, and we’re hosting five workshops given by the WC Director, Professor Jon Sufrin! From strategies on how to best approach your assignments, to turning that draft from points to paragraphs, there is sure to be a strategy to benefit writers at any stage of their academic work! 

Every Tuesday starting July 4 from 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m., you can drop in on Zoom and join us! These workshops are tailor-made for students to benefit from and give them an opportunity to improve their writing skills. Our discussions will include methods to improve your writing assignments from start to finish. We’re proud to announce the following topics we’ll specifically be covering: 

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  • Understanding Assignment Prompts: What is your professor looking for? Find how to best approach your assignments and develop your ideas!
  • Research Methods: Discover how to secure, analyze and use accurate sources! And how should you use new AI tools like ChatGPT in the university context—or should you at all? Come and find out!
  • Constructing your Argument: Make your arguments clear and direct. Elevate your writing by devising a university level thesis! 
  • Introducing Quotes and Citations: Improve your transitions by taking advantage of signal phrases and learning to credit your sources both in-text and in references. 
  • Organizing your Draft: Enhance your technique by identifying the best composing method for you. Discover your writing style to turn those points into paragraphs and into a full draft!

If you’ve got questions about academic writing, these workshops are fantastic learning opportunities,” said Professor Sufrin. “It doesn’t matter what year level you are at—you’ll learn something to help with your academic projects!”

These workshops are focused on academic writing, APA style, and the ethics of research in the 21st century. Each workshop focuses on an aspect of the writing process, so by the end you’ll have a new toolkit for your academic work.

If you’re looking for more personalized advice, you may be interested in the Writing Centre’s Drop-in Program! Available on Mondays and Thursdays from 12 - 2 p.m. Sessions will be hybrid and provide both, in-person and online support for quick question and answer sessions. You can access the in-person drop-in by going to S312 Ross (the Writing Centre classroom) or go to the Writing Centre’s Drop-in page and click on the Zoom link.

As James Robertson, Writing Coordinator, puts it, 

Drop-in is a quick and easy way to get answers to short questions that can be handled in approximately 15 minutes. It is in addition a helpful adjunct to Writing Centre appointments that occur every week that you may make use of.” 

Receive feedback specific to you and your assignments, so you can be confident in your submission. You can even ask about complex grammar practices and genre-specific phrases to help you in the future! 

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