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Meet the Writing Centre’s New Writing Instructor, Dr. Laura Allen!

Meet the Writing Centre’s New Writing Instructor, Dr. Laura Allen!

York has both a diverse student body and diverse assignments. Our new writing instructor, Professor Laura Allen, can help with both!

Portrait of Dr. Laura Allen
Professor Laura Allen

Professor Allen recently completed her doctorate at Ohio State University, specializing in Rhetoric, Composition, and Literacy (RCL). Prior to that she achieved an MA in Digital Rhetoric and Professional Writing from Michigan State University, a qualification that makes her an especially good choice for those needing help with modern business and professional writing. As she pursued her PhD and Masters, she’s also gathered private sector experience, most notably at Yahoo, where she was able to apply her knowledge of language and composition. Whether it is a social media campaign or a traditional academic essay, there are few kinds of writing Dr. Allen is not already familiar with.

Her current research involves the role of digital media in the planning and sustenance of Black Family Reunions. Although like most she prefers her hobbies which include reading non-fiction books and getting involved in the community!

The Writing Centre prides itself on being a welcome and open space for students to come and receive the help and support they may need in their academic pursuits; in other words, it’s another community where she’s joyfully able to offer her aid.

It is such a pleasure to be able to work with students who book appointments at the Writing Centre, because it’s a different perspective than being in the classroom as a lecturer or as a professor,” explains Professor Allen.

She finds great joy in helping students, sharing her experiences and expertise to further unlock each student’s potential. "I can also have the space to give and share what I've learned,” she says, and her awareness of diverse rhetorical strategies and audiences is unparalleled. Be it language, diction, or writing; she’s sure to be a great help!

When it comes to booking appointments, Professor Allen wants students to know that she is ready to help them no matter where they are in their process.

You can come at any stage,” she says. “You could have a full draft and you just need a second set of eyes or someone to proofread and make sure you're making sense; the grammar is okay.”

But then,” continues Professor Allen, “you can also come where you have the biggest writers block in the world and you have nothing (a blank page) in front of you and the assignment prompt, and maybe the assignment is due in two days and you're trying to figure out what to do where to start how to get this thing done.”

Academic essay or digital media project, Professor Allen has the expertise to help you with any project requiring critical thought and conscious composition!

Start to finish, at any stage you’re welcome to use the resources the Writing Centre offers to aid you in your progress! To book a 50-minute appointment with Professor Allen or our other writing instructors, check out our One-to-One Appointment page. You have the option of meeting in-person or virtually from Monday – Saturday!