Capital Projects, Policy on

Capital Projects, Policy on

Topic: University Grounds and Physical Facilities
Approval Authority: Board of Governors
Effective Date: Revision effective 2022/11/29


1. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to set forth the principles and the people involved in authorizing capital projects.

2. Scope and Application

This policy is applicable to all York University capital projects.

3. Definitions

3.1 For the purposes of this Policy:

i. "Capital Project” shall mean a project embarked on to construct, improve, replace, or maintain a capital asset which includes buildings, roads, infrastructure and land.

ii. "Academic and Related Projects" shall mean facilities used or intended primarily to be used by the University for teaching, research or administration or which are built to serve the needs of and support the activities of faculty, researchers, staff or students.

iii. "Major" new construction and/or renovations shall mean construction or renovations, including related goods and services, which are budgeted to cost $10,000,000 or more.

iv. "Non-Academic Projects" shall mean facilities intended to be used primarily by parties other than the University or by the University for other than academic or support purposes.

v. "Property" shall mean real property as defined in the York Act and shall include leased property.

4. Policy

4.1 The University shall permit or undertake the construction of major new facilities on its property or permit or undertake major renovations to existing facilities, including leased facilities, only with the approval of the Board of Governors after due consideration by and the recommendation of:

i. the President - for all academic and related projects

ii. jointly by the President and the Chair of the board of directors of the York University Development Corporation - for non-academic projects

4.2 In considering requests for such approval the Board of Governors shall consider, among other things, the following:

i. demonstrated need for the facility or project

ii. source and availability for funds

iii. the University Master Plan and the Campus Vision Plan

iv. the York University Secondary Plan and other governmental requirements

v. the impact of the project on the aesthetics, amenity, convenience, and environment of the campus(s)

vi. the compatibility of the project with existing programs and facilities

vii. the relationship of the project to the University's academic needs and strategies

5. Roles and Responsibilities

The Vice-President Finance and Administration shall prepare and promulgate such guidelines, procedures and administrative protocols as may be necessary or desirable, from time to time, to implement this policy.

6. Review

This policy shall be reviewed every five years.


Legislative History: Approved by UEC: 1994/01/31; Approved by BPC: 1994/02/15; Approved by the Board of Governors: 1995/01/23;  Date Effective: 1995/01/23; Amended by the Board Finance, Property and Staff Resources Committee: 1999/09/13; Approved by the Board of Governors: 1999/10/01; Amended 2006/12/04; 2012/06/25; Revised and approved 2022/11/29
Date of Next Review: Fall 2027
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