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CPR Self Study Support

The Vice Provost Academic team will be providing you with many resources throughout the year to support your Self Study review.

Along with our yearly launch meeting, we have organized these Self Study support resources to align with a series of five workshops we will be hosting through the year. These resources will be updated through the academic year.

Launch Meeting

Each fall a Launch Meeting is held with programs beginning their Cyclical Program Review.  This meeting provides an overview of the process and significant timelines for the Cyclical Program Review. This year's meeting was held on September 14, 2023 and hosted by Vice Provost Academic Lyndon Martin.

Launch Meeting Materials

The handouts, presentations and other helpful documents distributed at the launch meeting are housed on the YU link website. 

  • To access these documents log into the YU link  website with your username and password. 
  • Under the heading Academic Resources use the drop down arrow and go to Teaching and Learning sub-heading. 
  • Under this sub-heading on the left hand side menu, click on Quality Assurance.
  • Go to Cyclical Program Reviews heading on the bottom of the page. 
  • You will find the York University Quality Assurance Launch Meeting Presentations posted each year after the Cyclical Program Review Fall Launch Meeting.

Workshop 1: Where to Begin - September 22, 2023

Resources and Helpful Links

Workshop 2: Curriculum and Program Learning Outcomes - October 27, 2023

Resources and Helpful Links

Workshop 3: Retreats - November 27, 2023

Resources and Helpful Links

Workshop 4: Storytelling with Data - March 4, 2024

Many thanks to our OIPA colleagues and Emma Posca, Administrative Coordinator, Writing LA&PS for sharing their experiences.

Mini-Workshop on Collecting Student Data
Resources and Helpful Links

Workshop 5: Putting the Final Document Together - June 3, 2024

Video will be posted no later than a week following workshop

Resources and Helpful Links

In development