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Consecutive Bachelor of Education

The full-time Bachelor of Education (BEd) consecutive program model features:

Applicants must hold an approved degree from an accredited degree granting institution and must present a minimum overall grade point average of B (on a 14-point scale or equivalent 73 percent) based on the final 60 credits or equivalent (10 full courses, or final two years of full-time study) in an undergraduate degree program.  The program is delivered over two years.


Students in the Consecutive Bachelor of Education (BEd) model may apply to participate on the Keele campus, Catholic Education Centre (CEC) or at the Urban Indigenous Education Centre (Waaban). Graduates of the Glendon program in French Studies may be able to apply for limited spaces with the cohort on the Glendon campus.

Please be advised that programs in the Faculty of Education are intended to be delivered on campus or in official offsite locations in Toronto; community placements can only be completed in partner organizations and school placements can only be completed at partners school boards, which are located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Although mandated restrictions resulting from covid-19 have required classes to run online in the 2020-21 academic year, all students should be prepared to commute to campus for in-person classes and to complete in-person placements in partner Boards when classes resume on campus. It is an expectation that students attend all classes in their scheduled format (whether online, blended or in-person) and complete their school and community-based placements where they are assigned in order to complete degree requirements.   

Access Initiative

Valuing Your Experience

The Faculty of Education at York University’s Access Initiative is designed to recruit, admit and support individuals who will make excellent teachers and reflect the diversity of our society. Our admissions policies are designed to assess the potential of all candidates, including those who have faced systemic barriers in educational settings and in their lives. Through the Access Initiative, the Faculty invites students from underrepresented groups to apply.


Community - Access Intiative

Teaching Certification Levels

Students are required to choose from one of three teaching levels:

Primary-Junior - Applicants do not choose teaching subjects. Applicants will be given preference if they have completed six credits (one full university course) or equivalent, in English, as well as six credits (one full university course or equivalent) in a curriculum subject area.

Junior-Intermediate - Applicants must choose one teaching subject and must have completed 24 credits (equivalent to four full-year university courses) in the selected teaching subject. Applicants will be given preference if they have completed six credits (one full-year university course or equivalent) in English, as well as having a B average on the selected teaching subject courses.

Intermediate-Senior - Students are able to complete qualifications in one of the most extensive ranges of teaching subjects in the province. Applicants must choose two teaching subjects and must have completed, or be completing, an Honours program with at least 36 credits (equivalent to six full-year university courses) in the first teaching subject and 18 credits (equivalent to three full-year university courses) in the second teaching subject. Preference will be given to applicants who have a minimum B average on the courses applicable to each teaching subject.

Please refer to the Faculty of Education Academic Calendars for more details on the three certification levels.