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Graduate Studies webinar series invites students to Choose Grad York

Graduate Studies webinar series invites students to Choose Grad York

The Faculty of Graduate Studies will launch its inaugural graduate conversion event, Choose Grad York, from March 15 to 17 to help support future students in their decision-making process. 

“Fall/winter is application season when students research carefully the universities with the degree programs most suited to their interests and futures. Spring is admissions season when offers are made and suddenly everything gets very real. In order to help students make their decisions, we want to ensure that they understand the different parts of their offers of admission, which can include different types of funding to support their scholarship and research,” says Thomas Loebel, Dean and Associate Vice-Provost Graduate, graduate studies.

Loebel explains the event will allow students to network with alumni who have translated their studies into successful careers. They will also be able to compare admissions offers they may receive from York and other post-secondary institutions and learn how to navigate the degree once they have accepted an offer.

“Graduate degrees provide an enormous amount of new knowledge and skills, all of which are in the service of developing very quickly one’s independence as a scholar, researcher, practitioner and intellectual. Visualizing the process in an informed way with some architectural planning of time management is worth beginning now because, within a short amount of time, a series of important decisions line up: course enrolments, scholarship applications, supervision and possibly even application for one’s next degree,” adds Loebel.

The following events will take place via Zoom. Registration is required.

Grad Webinar: Demystifying Graduate Funding
Tuesday, March 15 at noon

In this webinar, the Graduate Funding Team will simplify graduate funding at York University. It will explore how the University puts students and their scholarly activities first. Participants are invited to learn about the different funding available at the University, including minimum funding packages, an overview of employment/non-employment opportunities and recruitment awards. Register.

Alumni Panel w/Dean Loebel: Research Career Satisfaction Outside of Academe
Wednesday, March 16 at noon

Entering a master’s program or continuing into the PhD presents many considerations for students to think about.

Loebel will be speaking with three alumni, Monique Abbott, Naz Chaudary and Dylann McLean. The panel will discuss the transition to a post-graduate career and the development of their professional endeavours. The alumni will bring rich perspectives to future students grappled with various questions about if the program is a good fit for them, how they will benefit from the program and how they will develop through the course of their studies. Register.

Grad Webinar: Navigating Your Degree w/Dean Loebel
Thursday, March 17 at noon

In this webinar, Loebel will be speaking on the role of a graduate student, degree types and structures in the different disciplines, forming students’ individualized research ideas and supports for personal and research development. Register.

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