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Course Outlines Training

Please note this training is available to LA&PS staff only.

Course outlines are only created for LA&PS undergraduate courses.

Course outlines are publicly accessible at the York Course Timetables Website and help students make important enrolment decisions.

Course outlines with transparent expectations and requirements, when made available to students before courses begin, will help with retention and overall student experience.

Instructors are to provide their program staff with AODA compliant Course Outline files, to be added to the course timetable website.


  • Introduction to course outline ‘model’ & purpose
  • Showing student navigation
  • Navigating and accessing the course outline database for editing purposes
  • Discuss AODA best practices, Making Word Documents Accessible, AODA resources and York's Accessibility Hub
  • Demonstration of default/inherited course information from ARMS
    vs information supplied by Instructors
  • Download of header template proactively provided to Instructors for the purpose of soliciting information prior to course enrolment period
  • Exploration and demonstration of both methods of upload:
    • Single file upload (Word/PDF)
    • Fields populate (via Rich Text Editor)
  • Preparation of single file for upload
  • Display how both options present on Web

Session duration: 30 minutes

LA&PS Teaching and Learning

Live Course Outline Examples

  1. Field option
  2. File upload
  3. Default view (no additions)

Upcoming Staff Training

Group training will be offered to introduce new procedures or revisions to the database. One-to-one training and access will be offered by request from the HRBP during the onboarding process of new staff hires.

Please contact to set up a training session.