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eLearn Course Development

As a full-service administrative computing technology unit, we provide help to instructors for the creation, development and support of eLearn courses. eLearning courses can be fully online (ONLN) or blended (BLEN) and provide students with unique formats to pursue their studies. We have collected some essential steps below to prepare for your eLearn courses.

Please email if you are planning on developing an eLearn course and require assistance.

Step One

To get started please review our eLearning Resources

If you are new to teaching fully online, blended and hyflex , please ensure to review all the online resources and support information.

Step Two

Register for training

If you are teaching online for the first time you can contact us for one-on-one eClass support by emailing

Beyond this, we offer a wide variety of ongoing training sessions. Some key sessions that we recommend you are teaching online for the first time, or for the first time in a long time. Learn more about topics like assignments and grading, lecture recording, and more.

Check out our full list of available training sessions to find the right session for you!

Step Three

Submit your course outline

Please provide your course outline to your program staff so it can be updated at the public course outline system. By providing your course outline early you will be able to communicate course expectations and details to students. Program staff can upload your course outline prior to the start of term for students. Please ensure to also include your reading list as students learning at a distance from campus require time for purchasing and shipping.

Step Four

Share support resources with your students

Adjusting to remote learning in the university can be daunting for our students. We've put together some text to help share resources with students right away as they begin this process. Please feel free to copy and paste this text to share it with your students.

The university has put together a number of helpful resources to support you throughout your eLearning courses.

  • The eLearning website explains what eLearning is, how to get started, how to how to choose your fully online (ONLN), blended (BLEN) and Hyflex (HYFX) course(s), and more.
  • The Student Guide to eLearning at York University will help you learn what to expect and how to succeed as an online learner.
  • eClass:
    • Your eClass course website access will start within the first week of the term.
    • For late enrollees, it takes two business days from the time of your enrolment to access the eclass websites.
    • Course materials will be released on the course website during the first week of the semester.
    • Get familiar with eClass by reviewing the eClass Student Resources Page.
  • Finding Support:

Step Five

Prepare for your online assessments (tests/exams/assignments)

As we are getting closer to exam time our eLearning team has put together a Support MachForm for you to request assistance in preparing and reviewing your exam/assignments within eClass (Moodle).

SUPPORT FORM: Please complete the following Exam/Assignment Support MachForm if you require assistance with your eClass Quiz/Turnitin Assignment format or settings etc.

ONLINE INSTRUCTIONS: Please ensure to review our Setting up an eClass Quiz that provides steps for best practices/guidelines to ensure a good quiz experience for you and your students.

There are also detailed instructions on Assessment and Evaluation from the eClass Help Centre.

ONLINE TRAINING: Our team also provides eClass Technologies Online Training

If you would like to get a start with the training, please review our eClass Quiz Video Recordings: 

Step Six

Encourage your students to complete the online course evaluation

Instructors teaching both in-class and online courses can dedicate a specific day/time and allow students to complete the evaluations. On campus courses can encourage student participation with their personal mobile devices. 

ONCE sends timely email communications and reminders are sent to students to complete their evaluations. Instructors get direct access to course result reports as soon the final grades are released to students. 

ONCE course evaluations are coordinated with staff designates from your school or department. Find out more about timelines, protocols and assistance on our Online Course Evaluation support page.

Reach Out

We look forward to helping you create and maintain an excellent eLearning course!