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We are the service-oriented department responsible for:

  • The support and promotion of e-Learning
  • Continued encouragement and maintenance of innovative research and teaching
  • Provision of technical and administrative support

There are four service units of the eServices office (eSO) that provide support to the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Services.

Help Desk Services

Help Desk Services are the single point of contact for all LA&PS staff, faculty, and student requests for assistance. Requests for assistance may come via phone, e-mail, web-submissions or walk-ins. General Helpdesk Responsibilities are to provide the first-line support and assistance to all clients.


Responsibilities include eLearning-specific duties such as administration of eLearning-centric support, telephone campaigns, and involvement at the technical level of new program initiatives. eLearning Activities (such as Planning, Administration, Communication, and Content Management) are the major key in the implementation and support of course websites, Technology Enhanced Learning, eLearning, and eTeaching and Learning Resources.

Technical Operations Services

Responsible for:

Development and Technical Services Unit is responsible for the LA&PS' server infrastructure, Faculty’s network architecture, etc.

Desktop Support Unit is responsible for Faculty computing equipment and software installation and maintenance at the desktop level.

Lab Support Unit is responsible for the operational functioning of all teaching and resource computing lab facilities for the Faculty, as well as the efficient use, maintenance, security, support, troubleshooting, and all other aspects of lab facilities.

Administrative Services

Responsible for:

Purchasing duties include ordering of appropriate software, hardware, and external services due to the annual Faculty Computer Plan. Budgeting examines overall expenditure on goods and services. CRP determines eligibility of the Liberal Arts and Professional Studies' (LA&PS) faculty and provides eligible faculty members with consultation, training, and equipment to assist them in their teaching and research activities.

Asset Management/Inventory Control members make sure that all Faculty computing assets are recorded, and that the obsolete and surplus equipment is efficiently disposed.

General Office Administration involves HR related activities, equipment and room booking, and telecom support.