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LA&PS offers many fantastic eLearning courses both in fully online, blended and hyflex formats. Our eLearning courses use the same textbooks and materials and cover the same course content as an in-person class, but some or all of this material is presented online.

The Faculty typically offers eLearning courses from nearly 30 different programs many of which can be counted towards general education, elective and program requirements.

Fully Online

Fully online

Experience the exciting medium of online learning, interact with professors and fellow students online, and complete courses from the convenience of your computer.

There are no in-class on campus lectures for these classes. To complete distance education courses, you will need to submit your assignments by specific due dates and write supervised, formal examinations in-person or at remote approved institutions.

NOTE: Fully online courses (ONLN) have no specified meeting times.  Some courses do require in-person exams. Please check your course outline for details.

Online courses include:

  • Text-based and multi-media presentations of course materials -- including audio, video, and graphics
  • Interactive assignments and progress quizzes
  • Easy access to instructors and professors (e.g. by e-mail, by Zoom)
  • Student online discussion and chat rooms that allow you to contribute comfortably
  • Course outlines which provide instructions on computer requirements and software access
  • Updated links to relevant websites



Take the chance to really engage in your learning by focusing on interaction and collaborative in-class and blended independent class components online.

Blended learning (BLEN) has a different format and will distribute your in class time differently, but you should expect to spend the same amount of time overall on each course and to achieve the same learning outcomes.

Reduce your on-campus visits with options such as alternating classes or follow a customized on-campus schedule set by your instructor.

Blended courses may include:

  • Approximately 20%:80% online and blended instruction. Course outlines will detail clear expectations for in-person and online learning.
  • In-class and online academic information (e.g. text-based/multi-media presentations of course materials including audio, video and graphics)
  • In-class and interactive assignments and quizzes
  • The ability for you to learn at your own pace
  • More interesting and interactive in-class & online discussions.


A Hyflex course model provides students the opportunity to attend a course in person or attend synchronously online. This model is designed to offer students flexibility.

In the Hyflex classroom there is technology that enables remote students to seamlessly participate in a course that is delivered on campus. The technology installed in the classrooms ensures the two-way engagement of all participants.

Course Offerings

Course Search

You can search for online courses using the York Courses website and the instructions below.

Download our instructions for finding course outline for eLearn courses and select multiple subjects in your search (by using ctrl-click, or click and drag) to pull up a list of all Online courses (for example) for a specific session with a single search.

How to find course outlines (PDF)