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Browse the latest research from our experienced faculty members who continue to push boundaries and gain recognition for their contributions. We hope their efforts help and inspire your work. Please feel free to reach out to us for collaboration opportunities.

Featured Publication

Murder on the Middle Passage:
The trial of Captain Kimber

by Nicholas Rogers

This new book by Nicholas Rogers, Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus from the Department of History, exposes the brutality of the slave trade, uncovers an important legal trial in the first wave of British abolition and shows how class is crucial to understanding the dynamics of the abolition movement.

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Editor: David S. Koffman, "No Better Home?: Jews, Canada, and the Sense of Belonging." (University of Toronto Press, 2021, 328 pp.)

Author: Nicholas Rogers, Blood Waters: War, Disease and Race in the Eighteenth-Century British Caribbean (Boydell & Brewer, 2021, 240 pp.)

Author: Nicholas Rogers Murder on the Middle Passage: The trial of Captain Kimber (Boydell & Brewer, 2020, 281 pp.)

Authors: Luis Ángel Hidalgo Martín, Jonathan Edmondson, Juana Márquez Pérez, José Luis Ramírez Sádaba (2020) Nueva Epigrafía Funeraria de Augusta Emerita (NEFAE): Tituli sepulcrales urbanos (ss. I-VII) y su contexto ...

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Author: Victoria Freeman A World Without Martha: A Memoir of Sisters, Disability and Difference (UBC Press, 2019, 328 pp.)

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