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Program and Degree Change Requirements

Unlike other programs or majors at York, where there are few restrictions on changing majors, becoming an Information Technology major is a competitive process. This reflects the high demand for the program and thus restrictions on our ability to accommodate new students.

Change of Major to ITEC for Current York Students 

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Step One

Eligibility Criteria

Students must possess an overall GPA of at least 4.0 and have completed at least 18 credits to be eligible to apply.

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Step Two

Evaluation Criteria

Each year a limited number of spots (normally 25) are made available for current York students wishing to transfer into the Information Technology program. All decisions on internal transfers are based exclusively on GPA.

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Step Three

Application Process

1. Submit a change of major request through the registrar's office website. Students must apply for the Summer Session. This submission must be done between 1 March and 15 May.

2. Send an e-mail notification to the Information Technology Program Office ( that you have applied for transfer into the program. Students who fail to notify the program directly via e-mail will NOT be eligible for admission.

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Step Four

Application Results

All students will be notified of the results of the application process (via the online request system) before June 15.