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Funded Research

The high quality of the SHRM faculty is demonstrated in its frequent success in external, peer-reviewed research grant competitions. In recent years, SHRM faculty members held SSHRC grants totaling over one million Canadian dollars. Here is a sample summary of some of the recent successful grants.

Faculty MemberProject TitleResearch GrantYear
Jing WangLGBT employees' work experiences in Canada: A comparison with heterosexual counterpartsSSHRC Insight Grant
Christopher ChanAssessing Religion Among Refugee ClaimantsSSHRC Insight Development Grant $60,3552019
Sabrina Deutsch SalamonFostering Trust Between Leaders and Their Followers: A Signaling FrameworkSSHRC Insight Grant
Parbudyal SinghGreen Human Resource Management and Firm Performance: A Mixed Methods StudySSHRC Insight Grant
Jing WangLabour market and workplace issues in ChinaSSHRC Insight Grant (Collaborator) $76,1352018
Parbudyal SinghEntrepreneurship, human resource management, and firm performanceSSHRC Insight Development Grant $53,2342017
Jelena ZikicSkilled Immigrant Integration: The role of local employers and skilled immigrants in enabling successful integrationSSHRC Insight Grant
Jelena ZikicMigration and Resilience in Urban Canada: Discovering Strengths and Building CapacitySSHRC Partnership Grant (Academic Partner)
Jelena ZikicMentoring relationships between immigrant and local professionals: Relationship process and outcomesSSHRC Standard Research Grant
Marie-Hélène BudworthYouth unemployment: a field test of two interventions for increasing self-efficacySSHRC Standard Research Grant
David DooreyLabour Practices, Risk and Global Supply Chain Management SSHRC Standard Research Grant
Julia Richardson & Steve McKennaCanadian Independent Expatriates and Organizational Expatriates/Mobile Professionals in Mining: A Phenomenological StudySSHRC International Opportunities Grant2009
Parbudyal SinghWork intensity and working long hours in CanadaSSHRC Standard Research Grant
Jelena ZikicImmigrant Professionals: Organizational and Personal Employment BarriersSSHRC Special Call in Business and Management
Jelena Zikic & Tony Fang (co-applicants)Recruitment, (Re) training, and Retention of Immigrants in the Canadian WorkforceSSHRC Knowledge Mobilization Grant2008
Marie-Hélène BudworthVertical transfer of training: Can one person make a difference?SSHRC Standard Research Grant