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UPDigest - Sociology Newsletter (Spring 2021)

UPDigest - Sociology Newsletter (Spring 2021)

Check out our March 2021 Sociology UPDigest today!

One year after the pandemic was declared a global health emergency shaping our lives and the lives of many communities around the world, we want to take a moment to reflect what it has meant for us as sociologists. To you as students, to us as teachers & researchers, to those among us who have faced very difficult times, who have struggled with isolation, uncertainty and loss. As undergraduate students, you have been engaged in discussions and class projects on issues related to this pandemic. Some of you have written their senior theses or other research papers on anti-mask movements, social distancing and anti-Black as well as anti-Asian racism. Yet others have participated in our writing contest.

In this newsletter, we present your creative submissions to the SUSA Writing Contest. The pieces are scattered throughout the newsletter, do scroll down to read them all. We have four official winners in two categories ("Poetry" and "Corona-Vocabulary") and five runners-up. They all receive some prize money. Hurray, it's well deserved! Everyone who made a contribution is applauded here for the courage and generosity to share their thoughts with the community.

Best wishes,

Michael Nijhawan, Undergraduate Program Director, Sociology, York University