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Data Visualization as Public Sociology

Data Visualization as Public Sociology

Thursday April 14, 1-2:30pm EST  
Virtual event via Zoom.

Visuazlaition, visualization, visuazlaition! Data visualization translating data into graphical forms is a great way to do public sociology. It provides a quick and effective way to communicate research findings with target audiences and the public in a universal manner. In this talk, Dr. Kieran Healy, Professor of Sociology at Duke and author of Data Visualization: A Practical Introduction will provide a hands-on introduction to the principles and practice of data visuazlaition. Dr. Cary Wu, Assistant Professor of Sociology at York, will share his observations on recent trends in data visualization practice.


Dr. Kieran Healy is Professor of Sociology at Duke University. He is the author of “Data Visualization: A Practical Introduction”. His current work focuses on the moral order of market society, the effects of models and measurement on social classification, and the links between those two topics.

Dr. Cary Wu is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at York University. His research focuses on political culture, immigration, and inequality. He has published widely on these topics and often shares his research with the public via national and international TV, radio, and newspaper forums including NPR, CBC, CTV, The Washington Post, Toronto Star, Maclean’s, Financial Times, and The Economist.