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UPDigest- Sociology Newsletter (Fall 2022)

UPDigest- Sociology Newsletter (Fall 2022)

Check out our full Fall 2022 Sociology UPDigest!

Dear Students,

We hope that you have had a great start to the FW22 academic year.

In this digest, we introduce you to our new (and former) Undergraduate Program Director, Deborah Davidson, as well as our new faculty member Wendy Makoons Geniusz. Please join us in welcoming them both to our community, along with our other new faculty member, Johanne Jean-Pierre, who we will introduce in our next digest.

We had often heard from our SOCI majors that they seek work placement opportunities. Recently, we have launched a new course that meets precisely these needs. So, if you are approaching your 4th year of the BA Hons and have completed 84 credits, start planning ahead to take the SOCI 4100 Sociology Field Placement Course. You find further information below.

Students, this season holds so many contradictions that we have to work through as individuals, families and communities. We are sure you have been following the many global news. As an international community of junior and senior scholars and activists, and as a program with a distinct global orientation, these issues strike at the heart of our lives and commitments.

There is no dearth of issues for us sociologists to be troubled by and make our voices heard: ongoing wars, militarization and the wide-scale loss of lives and suffering this causes, a point Marcello Musto addresses in a recent article.

Massive protests against the government in Iran: find some resources and our solidarity statement below.

The US Supreme Court striking down Roe v. Wade just before midterm elections: check out this music video by Space Baby.

Check out Harris Ali and Roger Keil new book Networked Disease in which they tackle the relationship between global cities, social networks, and forms of governance in a postnational era of public health regulations and neoliberalization.

And the loss of two much beloved sociologists: Dorothy Smith and Bruno Latour, for whom we have included obituaries below. This year we also lost Gordon Darroch and John O'Neill, two former faculty members who taught for many years in the Sociology Department.

Below are some more resources and links for inspiration to continue the difficult labour of hope. We hope you can connect to some of our content.

Michael Nijhawan, for the Sociology team.