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The Racialized Students in Healthcare Virtual Lecture Series

The Racialized Students in Healthcare Virtual Lecture Series

The Racialized Students in Healthcare virtual lecture series is sponsored by the OHTN and provides workshop series on Indigenous Education, HIV Clinical Care, HIV research facilitated by HALCO and HIV Pharmacy Care. Our facilitators include: MaryAnn from the Native Women Resources Centre, Dr. Gordon from Unity Health, Stevia Arthur from BlackCAP, Alex Vincent from Cabbagetown Community Health Centre and Ryan Peck from HALCO.  

This 6-month virtual lecture series starts July 2021 and occurs weekly from 6-7pm. However, the lecture series on HIV legal support takes place from 5-6pm in November. Community engagement opportunities for social work and potential BIPOC law students starts in November 2021. More info at the application link below.

Our program offers volunteer and student placement opportunities with 

  • COSTI 
  • St. Leonard’s Society of Canada 
  • Jane and Finch Community Centre  
  • Shopper’s Drug Mart 

We also offer networking and mentorship opportunities for recent grads and 3rd, 4th, 5th year undergraduate students.

Our mentors are  

  • Nurse practitioners 
  • Physicians  
  • Lawyers 
  • PH.D students 

If you know any Black/Indigenous students that intend to go to Graduate School, Medical School, Nursing, Masters in Social Work, Pharmacy or those looking for community engagement work are encouraged to apply.

Our workshop series is free of cost to students and take place via Microsoft teams. However, mentorship and community engagement opportunities take place virtually for COSTI, St. Leonard’s Society of Canada and Jane and Finch.  

In-person volunteer opportunities with Shoppers Drug Mart will start January 2022. 

Apply here.


Students can also register on our website.

Deadline to register is June 20, 2021. 

Please feel free to email me (Mary) if you have any questions pertaining to our program and I will be happy to respond at: