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Bachelor of Arts (BA) - Honours

See the law–one of the most significant expressions of a modern society’s social and political development–from all sides. Law and Society is one of the oldest and largest such legal studies programs in North America with an over 30-year history and approximately 1,000 students. Our program provides a framework within which students may explore different approaches to law using interdisciplinary approaches as well as international and comparative perspectives.

Drawing from fields as varied as philosophy, anthropology and criminology, you’ll focus on critical thinking, research and analysis. Gain a deeper knowledge of the law, how it has impacted the course of history and the role it plays in society today. Study critical issues such as the nature and origin of law; law-making and law breaking; rights and obligations; freedom and responsibility. 

Learn from innovative professors who bring a diverse range of expertise and training to the classroom. Join a tight-knit community of students who actively engage in lively debate and collaboration.

This training will position you to pursue law-related careers, journalism, government, policy research and academia.

What you’ll learn

  • Gain an understanding of the law in its broader social cultural context and the ability to analyze issues from many perspectives.
  • Acquire sought-after skills, including research, communication, critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Develop the ability to debate, persuade, mediate and present your thoughts and opinions to others, as well as the capacity to recognize and incorporate other potential solutions or applications to given problems.

Hands-on experiences

  • Do field work in places such as the Archives of Ontario and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg. 
  • Enjoy practical projects, such as attending and reporting on a court case, or art-based assignments that involve researching and expressing your results through art. 
  • Join the Law and Society Students’ Association to socialize, network and establish personal and professional relationships with like-minded students.

Our Law & Society program is really an interesting undergraduate program because it’s an interdisciplinary honours program, which means that it touches on many disciplines, so not only sociology but anthropology, law and geography. It really looks at questions of law and society from different angles. We are interested in how law is situated in a broader social and cultural context.

— Amelie Barras
Professor and Program Coordinator, Law and Society

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