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BSW Admission | High School Applicants

101 Direct Entry

The School of Social Work seeks to prepare students to be critical practitioners who seek social transformation. This stream accepts applicants from high school to enter their first year of the Bachelor of Social Work program.

In the first year, students concentrate on completing their mandatory general education courses: social sciences, humanities and natural science courses, as well as the introductory level course (SOWK 1011: Introduction to Critical Social Work). In the second year, students complete all their 2nd year major or core social work courses, along with their outside, non-major elective courses that are chosen from within the University. In the third and fourth years, students focus on 3rd and 4th major or core social work courses, 3000 level or above non-core social work major elective courses, and remaining electives outside of the BSW degree courses.

In the final year, students will complete a field practicum or placement in a social service setting. The practicum is arranged by the School to provide important hands-on experience in a variety of social/human services community settings. It is intended to support the integration of theory and practice, preparing students to work as professional social workers.  As such, the field practicum becomes the culminating experience of each student's education at the School. The Field Education Office works closely with hundreds of community partners in order to secure the best possible placement opportunities for students each academic year.

Eligibility & Requirements

For Ontario High School Applicants

  • Applicants applying directly from high school
  • Who have completed the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)
  • ENG4U
  • Five additional 4U or M courses
  • Academic average: Mid-80s.

Deadline to Apply

  • January 15, 2024 for Fall/Winter 2024-25 Entry

For Other Provinces and International High School Applicants

Deadline to Apply

  • Other Provinces: February 1, 2024 for Fall/Winter 2024-25 Entry
  • International: February 1, 2024 for Fall/Winter 2024-25 Entry

How to Apply

Step One

Create your OUAC Account using the code YFS.

Step Two

Apply and Submit your (101) Ontario Secondary School Application to the BSW Program

Step Three

To view and Respond to your offers, log back in to your 101 application and select “Choices/Offers” from the Application Links menu.

Step Four

Once you’ve accepted your offer; log in to MyFile and select "Book/manage my enrolment appointment"

Step Five

Create a Passport York (PPY) login. You will use this password to login into all York platforms as a student.

Step Six

Log in to YU START for New Student Transition Program.