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1992 Season

Season Staff:

Nancy Accinelli, Executive Producer
Fredrick H. Thury, Artistic Director
Francesca Accinelli, Associate Director
Mark Easey, Technical Director
Denise Henriques, Producer's Assistant
Matt Schmider, Producer's Assistant, Public Relations
Sherma Mitchell, Business Manager
​Jeff Keay, Public Relations

The Miser

The Miser

Feb 5 - 8, 1992
Vanier College Hall

The widower Harpagon, so cheap he’d swipe the pennies off a dead man’s eyes, rules his roost with a tight, iron fist. His son, Cléante, has fallen in love with the beautiful but penniless Mariane; his daughter, Elise, has secretly promised to wed Valère, a young charmer of unknown parentage who has flattered his way into being Harpagon’s chief steward. When Harpagon reveals his plan to wed Mariane himself and yoke Elise to the wealthy but aged Seigneur Anselme, children, suitors, disgruntled servants, and the wily Jill-of-all-trades Frosine conspire to foil him. The miser’s treasure is stolen from its backyard hiding spot, and Harpagon rounds up all the suspects—including the audience—and threatens torture and imprisonment. Only the last-minute arrival of Seigneur Anselme, bearing secrets of his own, can unite the proper couples and restore Harpagon to his one true love—forty-thousand pounds in gold.

Written by Jean Baptiste Poquelin De ​Moliére

Directed by Fredrick H. Thury
Choreographed by Alexis Thury
Stage Managed by Doug Claus
Assistant Stage Managed by Maggie Borch and Kate Wray

Set Designed by Fredrick H. Thury
Lighting Designed by Chad Hyams
Sound Designed by Anthony Krasznai and Fredrick H. Thury
Costume Designed by Francesca Accinelli
Props Designed by Kate Wray
Lighting Operated by Jessica Steinberg
Sound Operated by Catherine Stephens
Makeup Managed by Josie K. Mittleman
Poster Designed by Greg Neely

Barbara Middleton as Jacqueline
Cameron Gourley as Simon
Darryl Bautista as Anselme
Erika Loughran as Cosette
Fiona MacCool as Frosine
Grant Hawkins as Officer
Helder Ramos as Cleante
John Fetherson as La Fleche
Laura Battaglia as Dame Claude
Lina Garcia as Mimi
Sara Marlowe as Marianne
Shane Jeffery as Harpagon
Sidney Ezer as La Merluche
Soto Tsomokos as Brindavoine
Theresa Brown as Elise
Trevor Block as ​Valere

Keyboard played by Christian Ravera
Bass played by Randy Hall
Midi Programmed by Anthony Krasznai and Fredrick H. Thury

Mark Easey, Chad Hyams, Francesca Accinelli, Trevor Block, Theresa Brown, Laura Battaglia, Darryl Bautista, Maggie Borch, Brian Campbell, Tony Cheung, Doug Claus, Sidney Ezer, John Fetherson, Lina Garcia, Grant Hawkins, Fiona MacCool, Catherine Stephens, Mark Shwarzman, Tina Battaglia, Cathleen Chu, Denise Henriques, Shane Jeffery, Frieda Kalogerakos, Sean MacDonald, Helder Ramos, Jessica Steinberg, Anthony Krasznai, Claudine Migford, Carol Tarback, Jennifer Emberly, Sara Thury, Luis Arrojo, Christian Ravera, Jeff Rubinoff, Josie K. Mittleman, Shannon Darling, Andrea Nemeth, and Malcom R. Steane