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2005-2006 Season

Season Staff:

Fredrick H. Thury, Founding Artistic Director
Nancy Accinelli, Executive Producer
John Beers, Producer
Jane Skinner, Producer
Mariana Salazar, Producer
Jessie Paikin, Technical Director
Gregory Hutchison, Technical Director
Arielle Branitsky, Production Manager
Natalia Rohatyn, Promotions Manager
Alan Shields, Props/Costumes Manager, Assistant to Mr. Thury
Sherma Mitchell, Business Manager

The Brothers M.

The Brothers M.

Nov. 16 - 26, 2005

Translated by Fordham University Classics Department
The basis for Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors

Written by Titus Plautus

Directed by Taylor Wilson
Stage Managed by Emily Loh
Assistant Stage Managed by Paolina Spirova

​Set/Costume Design by Fredrick H. Thury
Props Mastered by Hilary Thruston
Assistant Props Managed by Stephanie Di Lanni
Lighting Design by Jesse Paikin 
Lighting Operated by Gregory Hutchison
Costume First Hand – Jessica Sisson
Scenic Painting by Stephanie Nicolo
Programme designed by Mariana Salazar 

Ariel Bialski as Peniculus 
Brent Wells as Messiano
Gintare Sabaliauskas as Erotium
Hamid Razaighi Kashani as Medicus 
Jace Prohaska as Prologa/Ancilla 
John Carbone as Double Menaechmi 
John Grogan as The Menaechmi
Jonathan Park as Seneca 
Malube Uhindu-Gingala as Cylindra 
Morgan Russell as ​Martholia



Mar. 10 - 25, 2006

Based on William Shakespeare's The Comedy of Errors

Written by Fredrick H. Thury

Directed by Fredrick H. Thury
Production Managed and Choreographed by Natalia Rohatyn 
Stage Managed by Arielle Branitsky 
Assistant Stage Managed by Shayna Goldberg

Stage Construction and Lighting Designed by Gregory Hutchison 
Promotions by Alyssa Branitsky, Francesca Consiglio, Rosalind Corner, Amanda Harrari, Anna K., and Hawley Dunbar
Photography by Kyle A. McKeown
Poster Designed by Natalia Rohatyn, Stephen Rohatyn, Anna Klibanov, and Amanda Stines 

Aditya Ranganathan as Antipholus of Syracuse/Ephesus
Aron Katz as Officer (Mar. 12th, 15th, 18th)
Corbin Murdoch as Officer (Mar. 10th, 17th, 22nd-25th)
Daniel Rubin as Doctor Pinch/Chorus
David Vaisberg as Officer (Mar. 11th, 16th, 19th)
G. Shaan Dhillon as Merchant of Ephesus/Chorus
Gintare Sabaliauskas as Erotium (Courtesan)/Chorus
Jennifer Dewar as Veneria (Courtesan)/Chorus
Jennifer Prole as Citizen/Chorus
Jesse Paikin as Dromio of Syracuse/Ephesus
Jonah Koplowitz as Angelo/Chorus
Jonathan Moneta as Duke Solinus/Chorus
Kimberly Ruta as Citizen/Chorus
Kyle McKeown as Balthasar
Lauren Barnett as Sybilla (Courtesan)/Chorus
Lea Kaplan as Luce/Chorus
Mariel Marshall as Servant/Chorus
Maurice Rawlins as Egeon/Chorus
Michelle Cabral as Luciana
Patrice Quammie as Abbess Emilia/Chorus
Theresa Noon as ​Adriana