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This course is open to degree students in the Faculty of Science only, based on academic advisors' recommendation.This course is designed to help students gain the knowledge, skills, and resourcefulness they will need to be successful students at York University. The course will help students adapt to their Faculty and university by providing academic skills training, peer-peer connections and a sense of university culture. Students will develop skills and individualized learning plans that will help them be successful throughout their time as a student at York. Using the in-class and online environment, students will apply their knowledge through activities, discussions and interactions with staff, faculty and peers.

This course will allow students to develop and excel in leadership and peer-mentoring skills through extensive training and practice. Using these skills, students will be able to take on future leadership roles on campus and guide peers towards success in university. This course is only open to those students who have been selected for a Peer Leadership position.

Note: This course is Pass/Fail

This course will allow students in Peer Leadership roles to further develop their skills as leaders. Through extensive training and hands-on experience students will learn about group dynamics, interpersonal communication skills, conflict resolution and the different levels and forms of leadership. Using these skills, students will be able to effectively lead teams of diverse individuals in both on and off-campus environments.

Prerequisite: BC 3000* 0.0 and Permission of the instructor
*permission may be granted if students have other leadership training and/or experience in place of BC3000

This course allows students to develop their peer leadership skills with a focus on creating safer communities and healthier environments. The major project focuses on experiential education, with students completing a violence prevention project to engage with their peers beyond the course. Through this course, students will develop their skills as leaders in the community and help to make our campus safer for all.

Note: This course is Pass/Fail

Prerequisite: BC 3010 3.0 or Permission of the Instructor

Qualified students will apply the peer leadership knowledge and skills they have acquired in a volunteer placement at York University. The course director will facilitate and oversee a placement at an organization or program for individuals enrolled in this practicum. Students must act as Peer Leaders within their organization/program.  Supervisors will assess performance during the span of the placement.

Students are expected to volunteer for at least 5 hours per week for one term.

Performance will be graded on a pass/fail basis. To receive a passing grade a report on student performance from both the student and supervisor must be submitted.  Requirements of the report will be determined by the Course Director.

Note: this course is Pass/Fail

Prerequisite: BC 3000 0.0 and Permission of instructor