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Bethune Residence

Bethune Residence is home to approximately 260 undergraduate students. It offers both traditional style (floors 7-14) and suite style (floors 2-6) accommodation. In the traditional floors the rooms are both single and double occupancy with shared kitchenettes, bathrooms and common rooms. The suite-style floors contain both 4 and 12-person suites, each with single and double bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom and common room. 

The floors are mixed gendered with two female only and one male only floors.

The Residence Life Coordinator is responsible for the whole residence and is assisted by dons, programmers, and night porters.

Residence space is guaranteed to all first-year students who meet the housing application deadline of June 1. First-year students occupy the double and single rooms on the traditional floors.

For additional information about Bethune Residence please visit Residence Life and Housing Services.

The residence is subdivided into houses, each overseen by a don:

James Maxwell House1-4
David Suzuki House5&6
Gabrielle Roy House7&8
Emily Stowe House9&10
Wendell MacLeod House11&12
Margaret Lawrence House13&14
Don of Living Learning OpportunitiesDLLO

Note: The elevator only reaches the thirteenth floor.  You have to walk up to the fourteenth.

Move-In Day will be over a week, with individual time slots. Details will be available closer to September.

Hello Bethune Residence

My name is Caroline Papple and I am the Residence Life Coordinator (RLC) for Bethune Residence. I first want to welcome you to the vibrant community here at Bethune Residence. I hope that while you are here you will grow to call Bethune your second home. Residence is where you are encouraged to be yourself and grow as a person.

As the RLC I oversee the residence community and assist you through your development at York. To help me with this are 7 amazing student leaders called Dons. The Dons are here to help you transition into university life and become a strong and independent person, ready for the challenges that university can hold. Together we will work to ensure that Bethune is a safe and inclusive space.

As the year moves along there will be many opportunities to become involved in the residence and I highly encourage you to make the most of your time with us. I recommend that you look over the Residence Handbook and the Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities as they are key tools in ensuring that your transition into living in residence is a smooth one.

Finally, I hope that you find your time here in Bethune to be a rewarding and eye-opening experience that helps you discover your true potential.

Caroline Papple
Residence Life Coordinator (RLC)
Bethune Residence Room 118
(416) 736-2100 ext. 20018