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Science Student Caucus (SSC)

The role of the Science Student Caucus (SSC) is to represent undergraduate science students at the Faculty of Science Council and its standing committees.  As well, two members of SSC become members of York's Senate (York’s academic governance body).

There are twenty undergraduate student members of caucus, elected by science undergraduate students each fall.

Undergraduate students registered in the Faculty of Science are eligible to be members of SSC.

2023-24 SSC Members

Adriano Tersigni, Ailiya Rizwna,Ali Bashar, Claire Del Zotto, Hemish Ahuja, Julia Tersigni, Kirti Kamlesh Vaswani, Lomesh Choudhary, Madeline Blanco, Mustafa Abdulkadhim, Natalie Moussa, Ruella Ella Ordinaria, Sara Jazaeihaghighi, Sathyanarayanan Venkatesan, Satyam Verma, Seerat Choudhry, Shon Lazarev, Taline Apelian-Sutor, Yashna Manek, Yuna (Aria) Hwang.


All SSC members are part of Science Faculty Council.  The Council meets every second Tuesday of the month from 3:00-4:30 pm. For F/W 2023-24 meetings may be a mix of virtual, hybrid and/or in person.

Two SSC members are selected to serve as student Senators, and thus sit on the University Senate.

SCC members also serve on Science standing committees of council. These committees typically meet once per month (the regular time slot is shown in parenthesis below). Descriptions of these committees can be found in the Rules & Procedures for Council. Typically one student is on each committee, though there are exceptions.

  • Academic Policy and Planning
  • Appeals (2 student members)
  • Committee on Teaching and Learning
  • Examinations and Academic Standards (one student and one alternative)
  • Executive
  • Graduate Education Committee (graduate students only; meeting as needed)
  • Petitions  (2 student members)
  • Research and Awards
  • Teaching and Learning (1 undergraduate and 2 graduate students)
  • Senate Review Tenure and Promotions
  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Undergraduate Curriculum (2 student members)
  • Student Senators