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Module 40

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Use this module if you need to direct either specific audiences to multiple pages and/or content sections.

Displays buttons in an easy to scan way. To be used at the top or bottom of a page to direct traffic or promote additional content discovery/conversions. Can also be used as an anchor menu for pages with long content.

(i) Buttons stacked without photo background
(ii) Buttons stacked with background

Use Guidelines
Maximum 7 buttons with up to 50 characters.
Background image 1536x460 (keep photos general as most of background will not be visible)

How to Add Modules

To add modules to the Gutenberg editor, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your WordPress Admin interface and open a post or page editor
  2. Click the plus button in the top left corner or in the body of the post/page
  3. You can either:
    • Click on Patterns, scroll through them until you find the module you want to use or
    • Search for the module you would like to add using either the module name or number
  4. Click the module to add it

The module will be added to the body of your post or page.