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Language Proficiency Requirements

The Department of French Studies assesses the level of French of incoming undergraduate students to ensure that they are placed at the appropriate level to optimize their learning of the French language.

If you are interested in enrolling in a French course, please complete the French Language Placement Test and the Department of French Studies will confirm your eligibility.

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Category A

No prior French?
Students with no prior knowledge of French will be given permission to enrol in Basic French AP/FR 0120 6.0

Category B

Studied French in school?
Students who demonstrate a moderate to advanced proficiency in French will be placed in AP/FR 0130 6.0 or AP/FR1080 6.0

Category C

Native speaker?
Students who have experience living in a French-speaking environment and/or who went to a French school will be assessed by the Department of French Studies

Completed the test, what's next?

Thank you for submitting your completed French Language Placement Test. Due to the volume of emails we are currently experiencing, it may take 2 to 3 business days to respond to your request. Please do not send multiple emails as this will delay the response process.

You will be informed of your result immediately in the test feedback. Students in categories A and B will obtain permission to enroll in the appropriate course. Students in category C will be invited for a consultation with the UPD to determine course placement. A permission will be mounted on your student account by department staff within three business days of completing your test. Please allow these three business days to pass before contacting the department. If you are still unable to enroll at that time contact the email listed below.


Please contact the Department of French Studies at