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Funded Research

Our top notch research is frequently successful in grant competitions and winning other financial awards. We're honoured to see our work recognized as being among the world's best. We invite you to browse some of our best work listed below and seek inspiration for your projects.

ResearcherProject TitleFunding Agency and AmountYear awarded
Jennifer SpinneyExamining the Application of Tornado Safety Policy in Ontario Public Schools to Reduce Disaster RiskSSHRC Insight Development Grant, $64,4432021-2023
Ali AsgaryComplex Adaptive Modelling Climate Change Health Impacts in MalawiWellcome Trust, US$ 507,1202020-2023
Ali AsgaryPIIDRC, $1,200,0002020-2022
Ali AsgaryCOVID-19: Building disaster preparedness and resilience via analytics of a fire department's responses to emergency incidentsSSHRC, $25,0002020-2021
Ali AsgaryAgent-Based Simulation of COVID-19 Transmission and Prevention Measures in Hemodialysis Units at University Health Network/Mt. Sinai (UHN/MSH) for Management, Rapid Training, and Education (HD-COVID-SIM).MSH-UHN,
Ali AsgaryExtended Reality (XR) Simulation of Covid-19 Transmission Prevention Methods at University Health Network/Mt. Sinai (UHN/MSH) Intensive Care Units (ICU) for Rapid Training and Education of Health Care Providers (XR-COVID-ICU).MSH-UHN,
Ali AsgaryCountermeasures to the supply chain disruptions in medical and pharmaceutical industriesCIHR, $130,6002020-2021
Ali AsgaryMathematics of COVID-19: Infection Risk Assessment and Intervention EvaluationCIHR, $500,0002020-2021
Jennifer SpinneyGenerating a Baseline Assessment of Emergency Management Preparedness Practices During the Pre-Touch-Down and Touch-Down phases of Tornado Emergencies in OntarioYork University, Minor Research Grant, $4,991.40 2020-2021
Sepideh EbrahimiEmpowering Users to Detect Data Analytics Discriminatory RecommendationsSSHRC, $59,6802020
Sepideh EbrahimiUnderstanding the Role of Data Analytics Tools in Driving Discriminatory Decisions in OrganizationsFaculty of liberal arts and professional studies- York University, $4,7102020
Eric KennedyUnderstanding Social Perceptions of Risk, Information Sources, Trust, and Public Engagement Related to the COVID-19 OutbreakSSHRC/CIHR, $428,0002020
Eric KennedyAssessing and Overcoming Barriers to Community Wildfire PreparednessSSHRC, $73,9832020
Aaida MamujiAn Interdisciplinary Academic-Practitioner Approach to Digital Contact Tracing during COVID19: A Risk-Benefit Analysis using Complex Systems MethodologyYork University - Research in the Time of COVID-19, $36,832.662020
Aaida MamujiInclusive Disaster Management in CanadaYork University - Dean's Award for Research Excellence, $5,0002020
Aaida MamujiWorking Group for Public Health and Social Sciences Research, Stigma, Fear, Discrimination and Backlash in COVID-19National Science Foundation and Natural Hazards Center - Working Group for Public Health and Social Sciences Research, USD $10002020
Aaida MamujiDestigmatizing Chinese Communities in the face of 2019-nCoV: Emergency Management Actions to Address Social Vulnerability in Toronto and NairobiCanadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) - Canadian 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Rapid Research Grant, $499,1212020
Na LiCybersecurity breaches and corporate information environmentLAPS, $5,0002020
Adriano SolisCOVID-19: Building longer-term community resilience and disaster preparedness via analytics of a fire department's responses to emergency incidents during a pandemic – Case of Vaughan, OntarioSSHRC2020
Adriano SolisAgent-based and multi-scale mathematical modelling of COVID-19 for assessments of sustained transmission risk and effectiveness of countermeasuresCIHR2020
Adriano SolisCountermeasures to the supply chain disruptions in medical and pharmaceutical industriesCIHR2020
Adriano SolisForecasting and inventory control when demand is lumpy: Further investigationsUniversidad Nacional Autónoma de México2020
Fuminori ToyasakiCountermeasure to supply chain disruptions in medical and pharmaceutical industriesCIHR, $130,6002020
Fuminori ToyasakiIncentive contract designs for humanitarian supply chainsYUFA Leave Fellowship Fund, $7,6352020
Akolisa UfodikeFinancial Resilience: How Governments Cope with Fiscal Austerity in CanadaLAPS, $3,786.752020
Ali AsgaryDeveloping a Spontaneous Volunteers Management Framework and System for Major Disasters & Emergencies in OntarioSSHRC, $25,0002019-2021
Joel MarcusIn Search of Sustainable Industry: Exploring the World of North American LutherieLA&PS, $4,9372019-2020
Joel MarcusRealizing the full potential of green-certified government office buildings in promoting employee mental healthGovernment of Alberta, $95,9252019-2020
Joel MarcusFostering transformation change towards cultures of strong sustainabilitySSHRC, $24,2742019
Sabrina Deutsch SalamonFostering Trust Between Leaders and their FollowersSSHRC Insight Grant, $175,8522019
Sabrina Deutsch SalamonFostering Trust Between Leaders and their FollowersSSHRC-Department of National Defence Research Initiative, $60,0002019
Joanne JonesBuilding Ethical Leaders for the Future Accounting ProfessionCPA Ontario, $57,0002019
Aaida MamujiFlood Response and Social Vulnerability: Disability-Inclusive Disaster Management in Bracebridge, OntarioInstitute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction - Quick Response Grant, $2,8062019
Aaida MamujiDisability in the Disaster ContextYork University - Dean's Award for Research Excellence, $5,0002019
Joel MarcusClosing the performance gap in high-performance green buildings by cultivating a culture of sustainabilityOntario Research Fund, $999,6772018-2022
Joel MarcusReGENERATE: An intersectorial partnership to investigate human factors in green office buildingsSSHRC, $199,7592018-2021
Ali AsgaryARGUS: Radar-based All-Weather Roadway Safety SystemDRDC Canada, $1,436,4262018-2021
Ali AsgaryAdvanced Geospatial Technology for Train Derailment MitigationTransport Canada, $483,0002018-2020
Aaida MamujiSyrian Newcomer Integration: Women Wellness Program EvaluationYork University - Liberal Arts & Professional Studies Minor Research Grant, $5,0002018
Jodi LetkiewiczDebt Relief Options in Canada – Long Term Result ComparisonOffice of Consumer Affairs, $100,0002017
Aaida MamujiThe 2017 Case of Kamloops, Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction, Co-Investigator with Professor Jack RozdilskyInstitute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction - Quick Response Grant, $4,5952017
Adriano SolisDeveloping a fire response simulation test bench based on NFIDCanadian Association of Fire Chiefs2017
Joanne JonesConstructing Auditor's Misconduct: An Analysis of the CPA Ontario Disciplinary ProcessLAPS Minor Research Grant
Jodi LetkiewiczStudent finances and the impact on stress, financial wellness and academic progress.SSHRC,$5,0002015
Jodi LetkiewiczSelf-efficacy, financial stress, and the decision to seek professional financial planning help.Financial Planning Standards Council Foundation, $18,2002014
Aaida MamujiCadieux-Léger Fellowship, Policy Research BranchDepartment of Foreign Affairs, Trade & Development (Ottawa), $48,0002013
Fuminori ToyasakiAn analysis of impacts of downstream infrastructure on environmentally friendly product designNatural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), $100,0002009