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Bachelor of Arts (BA) - Honours

Gain an in-depth understanding of the impact of business on society and the relationships between business, social structures and government. Learn about how economic power affects the distribution of wealth and opportunity. Benefit from the way our program blends philosophical, historical, economical, geographical, sociological and political approaches to studying the relation between business and society.

Unlike a traditional business school, our program is a critical, interdisciplinary program that equips you with practical, essential skills to give you a solid foundation for success in a range of career paths. You have the opportunity specialize in either business ethics and corporate social responsibility; the environment; the firm and organization; the global economy; law and governance; or the social economy.

As a graduate, you can explore careers that include green business development, social investment, public policy, social enterprises, the non-profit sector, NGOs and social accounting. 

What you’ll learn

  • Understand modern economic history, developing concepts that will help you grasp the impact of globalization on socioeconomic trends.
  • Learn about practical ways to address the social issues raised in the interrelations between business and society like sustainability, social responsibility and social inequality.
  • Discover the way the “social economy” affects our traditional understanding of economic and business processes, and social development.

Hands-on experiences

  • Join the Business & Society Student Association for social activities, participate in networking events and gain advice on career development.
  • Honours students in their third year can participate in a paid four- to 16-month co-op so you can gain valuable contacts, knowledge and practical work experience. 
  • Honours students in the social economy stream will take a practicum course in fourth year where they will be placed in a social economy organization.

The Business & Society program at York University afforded me the opportunity to think beyond the scope of perceived realities, instead I was able to intersect business acumen and societal perceptions to think originally. BUSO allowed me to delve into philosophy, theory, and real life which fostered my curiosity and not only gave me permission to, but encouraged me to ask questions that are outside the scope of regular classroom banter. The critical and analytical thinking I gained as a BUSO student has served me in both my professional and academic life, so much so that I am often asked “what did you take in undergrad?” I am always proud to let them know.

— Semhar Berhe
Alumna, Business & Society '18, Global Economy & Law and Governance streams

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 BUSO Alumna Semhar Berhe

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