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2000-2001 Season

Season Staff:

Nancy Accinelli, Executive Producer
Fredrick H. Thury, Artistic Director
Mike 'Nug' Nahrgang, Assistant Artistic Director
Gregory C. Dickison, Director of Vanier College Singers
Sherma Mitchell, Business Manager
Amy LeBlanc, House Manager
Jennifer Doria, House Manager
Nate Callens, House Manager



Oct. 19 - 28, 2000

Dr. Martin Dysart, a dissatisfied and disaffected psychiatrist, is faced with a unique case when a young man, Alan Strang, is brought to him for treatment. Alan, a passionate and obsessive horse lover, has blinded six horses, to the horror and surprise of his family. In his efforts to coax Alan out of his shell and treat him, Dr. Dysart begins to unravel the complex psychological puzzle of Alan’s obsessions. English playwright Sir Peter Shaffer’s international hit is a dazzling, complex, and thrilling look at passion, sex, religion, and sanity.

Written by Peter Schaffer

Directed by Fredrick H. Thury
Equine Designed by Nancy Prochuk
Stage Managed by Alanna Stinson
Assistant Stage Managed by Betony Main

Production Managed by Evan Salmon
Set and Lighting Designed by Fredrick H. Thury
Lighting Electrician done by Leslie Wright
Sound Engineered by Mike Misasi
Front of House Staffed by Jennifer Doria

Amy LeBlanc as Horse
Angela Hanes as Horse
Ericka Skirpan as Dora Strang
Ian Koslow as Dalton
Jamie Hebbard as Nugget
Kevin da Silva as Alan Strang
Kylie Danielle Behm as Jill Mason
Leah Archambault as Hesther Solomon
Marc Daffern as Frank Strang
Maxine George as Nurse 
Mike 'Nug' Nahrgang as Dr. Martin Dysart
Morgan Passi as Horse - Trooper
Nate Callens as Horse

Dirty Work at the Crossroads

Dirty Work at the Crossroads

​Nov. 29 - Dec. 2, 2000 ​

​This play tells in laughable style the tear jerking story of Nellie Lovelace, an innocent country girl. Munro, the viper, has a wife in Ida Rhinegold, belle of the New Haven Music Halls, but that does not prevent him from pursuing Nellie and tearing her from the arms of her dying mother (whom he has poisoned). Nor does it prevent him from driving Adam Oakhart, the blacksmith's son, to drink, from blackmailing rich Mrs. Asterbilt, or from bewitching her daughter, Leonie.

Written by Bill Johnson

Directed by Mike 'Nug' Nahrgang
Piano Stylings by Fredrick H. Thury
Musical Accompaniment by Fredrick Aitchtee
Stage Managed by Tricia Lee
Assistant Stage Managed by Marc Daffern

Production Managed by Evan Salmon
Set and Lighting Designed by Fredrick H. Thury and Mike 'Nug' Nahrgang
Lighting Electrician done by Mike 'Nug' Nahrgang
Front of House Staffed by Nate Callens

Ami Rouleau as Fleurette
Emily Cohen as Leonie Asterbilt
Ericka Skirpan as Mrs. Upson Asterbilt
Jimmy Martins as Mookie Maguggins
John Catucci as Munro Murgatroyd 
Marc Edwards as Adam Oakhart
Morgan Passi as Ida Rhinegold
Mypopoulos Jones as Little Nell
Ron Sparks as The Widow Lovelace 
Stacy Douglas as Nellie Lovelace

Man of La Mancha

Man of La Mancha

Jan. 31 - Feb. 17, 2001

We encounter historical author Miguel de Cervantes in prison, awaiting trial by the Inquisition. When his fellow prisoners try to take Cervantes’ belongings from him, including his manuscript, Cervantes proposes a trial in which he proves the merit of the manuscript through a reenactment, enlisting his fellow prisoners as characters in his play. Together, they tell the story of the aged Alonso Quijana who believes himself to be a knight errant, names himself Don Quixote, and pursues an obsessive quest to attain an impossible dream. Against all odds, Quixote and his trusty squire Sancho Panza take to the road in a quest to chivalry, and seek out the good and innocent in a world filled with darkness and despair. Through the story, all the prisoners – at least for a moment – are transformed. The mad Don Quixote may think a windmill to be a giant and a tavern to be a castle, but along the way he also transforms a wretched woman into a beautiful lady – and proves that an old man’s belief can truly make him a knight.

Written by Dale Wasserman
Music by Mitch Leigh
Lyrics by Joe Darion

Directed by Fredrick H. Thury
Musical Directed by Fergus Hyde
Choral Assisted by Kylie Danielle Behm
Choreographed by Leah Archambault
Stage Managed by Tricia Lee
Assistant Stage Managed by Annie Belanger

Production Managed by Evan Salmon
Set and Lighting Designed by Fredrick H. Thury
Lighting Electrician done by Kari Kokko
Sound Engineered by Carrie Chau
Costume Assembly by Jean-Paul Yovanoff
Front of House Managed by Amy LeBlanc
Head Ushered by Randy Dresar
Makeup Consultation by Leah Archambault

Alexander Cole as Duke (Dr. Sanson Carrasco)
David Waxman as Juan
Erin Mouchian as Fermina/Moorish Dancer
Fergus Hyde as Cantor
Jamie Hebbard as Captain of the Inquisition
Jeff Stevenson as Padre
Jennifer Doria as Pristina/Moorish Dancer
Jimmy Martins as Manservant (Sancho Panza)
John Beers as Paco
Jon Blair as Sergeant at Arms
Kylie Danielle Behm as Maria (Innkeeper's Wife)
Marc Daffern as Innkeeper
Mariska Leenders as Housekeeper (for Alonso)
Matthew Day as Pedro 
Mike 'Nug' Nahrgang as Governor
Mike Sapingas as Miguel De Cervantes (Don Quixote and Alonso Quijana) 
Nate Callens as Jose
Sean Kaufman as Anselmo
Tammy Everett as Antonia (Alonso's Niece) 
Taylor Wilson as Barber
Theresa Noon as Aldonza (Dulcinea)

Percussion by David Pontello

One Act Play Festival

One Act Play Festival

April 25 - 29, 2001
Vanier College Studio Theatre

Due Date  written by Jessica Boyd

Home to Mother  written by Ron Sparks

My Favourite Aunt  written by Ron Sparks

Video written by Scott Thrower

Festival Directed by Jimmy Martins
Lighting Electrician Work done by Leslie Wright
Front of House/Box Office Staffed by Marc Daffern

Due Date
Written by Jessica Boyd
Directed by Taylor Wilson
Jennifer Cousins as Jemma
Josh Kerr as Josh
Laura Lindle as Natasha
Luis Fernandes as Noel
Sean Kaufman as Taylor 
Vlad Bassaraba de Brancovan as Stephan

Home to Mother
Written by Ron Sparks
Directed by Jeremy Whitehorn 
Stage Managed by Laura Spataro
Jon Blair as Brad 
Leah Archambault as Mrs. Butler
Mike 'Nug' Nahrgang as Andy

My Favourite Aunt
Written by Ron Sparks
Directed by Jamie Hebbard 
Stage Managed by Morgan Passi
Ami Rouleau as Auntie Campbell
Amy LeBlanc as Nurse
Brendan Jeffers as Charlie
Dave Waxman as "Legs" Pantucci
Emily Cohen as Old Woman
Jamie Hebbard as Special Agent Perkins
Jimmy Martins as Trucker
Nate Callens as Peter Campbell
Ron Sparks as ​Doctor
Written by Scott Thrower
Directed by Tricia Lee
Stage Managed by Thane Simpson
Alexander Cole as Lawrence 
Jeff Stevenson as Doug
Laura Spataro as Cheryl
Stacy Douglas as Alice

Vanier Improv Company (VIC)

Vanier Improv Company (VIC)

Directed by Mike 'Nug' Nahrgang
Tech and Lighting Designed by Kevin Gairns

​Ericka Skirpan
Jeremy Whitehorn
Jon Blair
Laura Spataro
​Michael Sapingas
Morgan Passi
Nate Callens
​Peter Stevens
Stacy Douglas