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Video Recap: Fall Campus Day!

Video Recap: Fall Campus Day!

In case you missed Fall Campus Day 2022, here is our video recap. We hope to see you at the next one!

In the meantime, check out our Instagram and featured courses.


[Lo-fi hip hop music fades in]

[A video clip displays the words "Professional Writing" in red.]

[The words "Meet the Writing Department" and "From Fall Campus Day 2022" appear.]

[A video clip displays a fast-paced walkthrough of campus and zooms to three people posing for the camera.]

[A video clip displays a pen with the words "English & Professional Writing."]

[A video clip displays a person with brown hair holding a brochure that reads "Professional Writing: Bachelor of Arts (BA)]

Deea Deb: Hi, I'm Deea! I'm an English and Professional Writing Major.

Deea Deb: I am at the Fall Campus Day today to tell new students or prospective students…

Deea Deb: … why they should come and join this amazing program because it's so much fun firstly.

Deea Deb: Secondly, you get to work with an amazing faculty team you have so many co-curricular and extracurricular…

Deea Deb: … activities that you can do that help you build a network that's going to help you once you…

Deea Deb: graduate and also if you want to know about the work study opportunities and how you can…

Deea Deb: build a professional experience while you're here come join us and join us.

[A video clip displays a person with glasses and brown hair in front of a sign that reads "Cultural Studies and Writing"]

Dunja Baus: Hi I'm Dunja.

Dunja Baus: I'm part of the professional writing program here at York University and if there's one…

Dunja Baus: … word I can I think of to describe our departments and all the students it is community.

Dunja Baus: We write with community, we write as a community, we write for communities and yeah community.

[A video clip displays a person with glasses and brown hair holding stickers]

Stevie Bell: Hi I'm Stevie.

Stevie Bell:I'm a professor in professional writing and I'm here today at Fall Campus Day introducing

Stevie Bell: lots of prospective students to our programs.

Stevie Bell: We like writing and we have personality.

Stevie Bell: I like teaching in the program because we have so many amazing students who are up for

Stevie Bell: taking chances and learning lots and having a bunch of fun.

[Lo-fi hip hop music fades out]