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Course FAQs

We've compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions to help you better understand our courses. If you don't see your question listed, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Yes. You can download a Degree Checklist on our department website.

When you were first admitted York, your transfer credits were calculated by Admissions. If you took a course at another school after being admitted to York, you would need a Letter of Permission to receive credit for that work. If you have not received credit for a course that you believe is similar to a York course required for the PRWR degree, you may ask the PRWR Coordinator for a waiver (though it can't be guaranteed that you will receive one).

The Professional Writing Program is designed on a cohort model that requires students to complete each set of year-level requirements, both to build the necessary foundation of knowledge and skills to prepare them for the expectations and assignments for the next level of the program and to create a sense of community among the ENPR and PRWR students who will be your colleagues and supports throughout the program. The editorial, rhetorical, digital, ethical, and genre-related material covered in the 2000-level courses are essential to the theoretical and practical knowledge covered in your chosen 3000-level keystone courses, which in turn prepare you for the client-facing projects you will complete in your corresponding 4000-level capstone courses.

You can choose to take more than two 3000-level keystone courses, but only two of them (6.00 credits) will count toward your core 3000-level program requirements. The other 6.00 required 3000-level program credits must come from the Program Elective courses (see Courses page). The additional 3000-level keystone credits will be counted in the Free Choice category of degree requirements. Similarly, only two 4000-level Capstone courses (12 credits) will count toward your 4000-level Program Requirements; any additional Capstone courses will count toward the Free Choice credit category of your degree requirements.

Generally, no, you can’t. A requirement is a requirement. However, if you have "grandparented" status and a course that was required at your time of entry to the program but that you haven't yet taken is no longer taught, then you will have to substitute a course that is currently open for registration. For this substitution, you will need to have the formal approval of the Program Coordinator.

Yes. The rubric (designation) for all Professional Writing Program courses was changed to PRWR in 2023 to make it easier for students to choose the right courses to fulfill their program requirements, and for faculty, advising, and degree audit to understand how the program works to faciliate your progression to graduation. All program-related WRIT courses completed before the 2023-24 academic year still count toward your ENPR/PRWR degree.

We have replaced WRIT 2003 6.00 Genres for Professional Writers with two 3.00 credits courses: PRWR 2003 3.00 Genres for Professional Writers and PRWR 2008 3.00 Ethics in Action for Professional Writers. If, when you are ready to graduate, you find that Degree Audit has not counted these courses into your Program requirements, please contact, and we will ensure your credits are calculated appropriately.

You are welcome to take PRWR 2008 3.00 Ethics in Action for Professional Writers as a Free Choice elective, but you are not required to take it.

If you have completed your first year (having earned at least 24 credits), you need to maintain a 4.25 cumulative GPA for Honours standing during your second year. If you have completed your second year (having earned at least 54 credits), then you need to maintain a 4.80 cumulative GPA for Honours standing during your third year.

During these two years, if you are within a few hundredths of a point of Honours standing, you may petition the PRWR Coordinator for a waiver to continue in the PRWR Program. However, when you reach 90 earned credits, if you do not have a 5.00 cumulative GPA, you simply will not be allowed to continue in and graduate from the PRWR Program with an Honours Degree. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule.

What would I do then?

You can take an Ordinary (non-Honours) 90-credit degree in Professional Writing, but you would have to fulfill all the requirements for that degree. You can check the 90-credit BA degree requirements checklist to find out what you may need.

Use the GPA calculator.

Go online to York University's My Graduation webpage and click on "Apply to Graduate." When you have filed your application, it will be reviewed by the Degree Audit office.

Degree Checklists are also available online for our English & Professional Writing and Professional Writing programs. If you wish to have the Program Assistant help you with your degree audit, please contact to arrange an appointment to discuss your degree progress.