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Degree Options & Requirements

Beyond choosing your area of study, you can choose how you study. Customize the length and depth of specialization within your degree — whether it’s a three-year bachelor’s or more intensive four-year honours bachelor’s program. If you’re weighing two subjects of interest but can’t make a decision, you’re able to declare a major, which would be your primary area of study, as well as a minor, or secondary subject. Or give them equal billing and go for a double major. Whatever path you envision, you’ll have choices to accommodate you along the way.

Specialized Honours BA

English & Professional Writing is a “keeping doors open” program for students as devoted to reading and thinking critically about literature as they are to writing. The English side of the degree keeps open the possibility of graduate work in literary studies or a post-degree program in Education, while the Professional Writing side attends to practice and more immediate employability.