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Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Society

With more than 80 AI-related courses across six different faculties at York and access to some of the world’s brightest talent in AI-related research, York is advancing equity, inclusivity, social justice and sustainability in AI.

One of the world’s most ubiquitous technologies, AI has the ability to impact every aspect of our lives, including health, education, finance, the environment and more.  York’s AI & Society research cluster at Markham will harness innovation in a socially responsible manner and ensure technologies are beneficial and safe for all.

The AI & Society research cluster at the Markham Campus will unite an interdisciplinary team of researchers who will collectively contribute to core theory and technological applications, as well as provide a broader human perspective including the ethical implications of AI on humanity and society, such as bias, fairness, integrity, transparency and interpretability.

The AI & Society cluster aligns with the initial academic programs being established at the Markham Campus in digital technologies, computer science, financial technologies, and media arts programs, and will contribute to the training of innovative and entrepreneurially enabled graduates. 

Areas of research

Software Engineering for AI

Addressing the profound systems and software engineering challenges to ensuring trustworthy AI systems perform consistently in real-world conditions.

Critical Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Collaborating with industry to identify AI solutions to power electric vehicles.

Healthcare Technology

Leveraging powerful applications such as bioinformatics, drug discovery, medical imaging, clinical robotics, diagnosis and treatment of age-related cognitive decline and neurodegenerative disorders.

Governance & Public Policy

Explores issues around public policy and technology, and how policy can be developed in consultation with industry to promote responsible innovation.

Creative Technologies

Creative and community-led use of AI technologies and understanding the role of AI in society by non-specialists and end-users.

AI Research Centres at York

  • Centre for Digital Arts and Technology
  • Centre for Vision Research
  • Vision: Science to Applications
  • Sensorium
  • IP Osgoode
  • Centre for Innovation in Computing
  • Centre for Research in Earth and Space Science
  • Institute for Research on Digital Literacies