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General Information

Construction started in the fall of 2020 for York University’s Markham Campus (MC) which will open to welcome our first students in the Fall of 2023, with the necessary space to accommodate up to 4,200 students in Phase 1, and the flexibility to respond to future growth demands.

The building was designed by Diamond Schmitt Architects. The project is being built by Stuart Olson Inc.

The building is being targeted to achieve a LEED Gold certification. Sustainability was a key design “theme” for the building, and the sustainability features include:

  • Indoor and outdoor water use reduction
  • low flow plumbing fixtures
  • demand and occupancy control ventilation and lighting
  • use of sustainable building material
  • carbon offsets
  • bird collision deterrence
  • heating and cooling plant connected to Markham District Energy (MDE)

The building design already incorporated flexible learning spaces and classrooms that are adaptable to social distancing requirements that have emerged because of the pandemic. As we are moving forward the construction phase of the project, we have asked our project consultants to review elements of the building design, including mechanical systems (i.e., ventilation system) to consider further possible measures to reduce pandemic related risks.

The capital funding required for the new $275.5-million campus includes significant financial commitments from York Region, the City of Markham, and donor contributions, as well as the University’s existing capital funds. The Ontario government approved creation of the new campus and will provide funding support for the operations of the campus once open.

We will welcome applications in the Fall of 2022 for admission in the Fall of 2023.

Domestic and International students MC students will be able to:

  • Benefit from a small campus setting.
  • Study closer to home and enjoy state-of-the-art facilities in the heart of the vibrant City of Markham community with easy access to the comprehensive teaching and research strengths of York University. will
  • Take advantage of unique, flexible and hands-on learning, with innovative job-ready academic programming and research opportunities focused on digital technologies, entrepreneurship, new media and communications – the core skills needed to contribute to the future economic success and community development of Markham, York Region, and across Ontario.
  • Participate in relevant workplace-based learning placements and local job prospects upon graduation.

The University acknowledges and appreciates continued support from York Region residents, current and future students, the business community and the many community groups and government partners who share York’s vision that the new Markham Campus is essential, valuable and beneficial for the entire York Region community.
Building on the already strong relationships that York has with the City of Markham and York Region, MC will consolidate York University’s already strong academic presence in the City of Markham through the existing YSpace, the IBM Innovation Space – Markham Convergence Centre and our IBM Partnership.

The University also has strong public and private sector partnerships to allow us to take advantage of existing infrastructure and facilities in Markham Centre that will enhance the campus experience and student life. These existing and new partnerships will provide opportunities for community service projects, research collaborations and work-related placement opportunities.

Once open, in 2023 the MC will also provide opportunities for the private sector to invest in and develop student support services including student housing, retail and food services.

A full staffing plan is currently being developed to support MC programming. All MC job postings can be found on York’s main career page here.


We will welcome applications in the Fall of 2022 for admission in the Fall of 2023.

MC will initially be home to academic programs from four Faculties and the School of Continuing Studies, with York University Libraries providing support programs and research.

MC will offer students flexible learning opportunities, with enhanced teaching and learning approaches and facilities with competitive, innovative, professionally relevant, industry focused undergraduate academic programs, centred on:

  • Communications, Social Media & Public Relations
  • Computer Science
  • Creative Technologies
  • Digital Technologies
  • Financial Technologies
  • Sports Management
  • 1st Year Engineering
  • 1st year Science

Students in all programs will have experiential learning opportunities, including internships and work placements, allowing students to collaborate directly with employers and community partners in the region.
Note: Academic programs are in development and still being finalized and may change.

MC Graduate Programs will be offered in Masters and graduate diploma in Biotechnology, Masters in Management Practice and Graduate Diploma in Management, Masters in Public Policy, Administration and Law with emphasis on regional governments with additional programs becoming available at a later date.

Note: Academic programs are in development and still being finalized and may change.

The ability to transfer between campuses will depend on which program students are enrolled in. Students will be admitted as first-year students in 2023.

More details on programs that allow for transfers will be provided in the coming months.

York’s School for Continuing Studies will be a part of the MC.  Students will benefit from the School’s leadership in achieving personal and professional growth, with specialized knowledge and technical skills, cultural understanding and cross-disciplinary know-how.

York has a long history of training the next generation of leaders contributing positively to society and solving societal challenges. As we look ahead, we need to be perceptive in how we manage our enrolments at MC and other two campuses so we can make best use of the teaching and research talents of our faculty, and continue to provide both undergraduate and graduate students with transformative learning and research experiences in classrooms and research labs as well as outside these facilities through experiential education and co-curricular activities. Being a provincially funded university, our primary obligation remains towards educating domestic students in Markham, York region, and the province. But we are also mindful of the rich cultural, political, and historical perspectives that students from outside the province and international students bring, which help build vibrant, diverse campus communities. Our focus in student enrolment planning at MC will maintain this balance to provide a student-centric learning and research experience that benefits both domestic and international students.

Our focus in curriculum delivery and research has always been on creating a student-centric learning and research experience which combines face-to-face lectures, online pedagogy, hands-on learning, and experiential education to enable best possible learning outcomes for our students across the University. The current COVID situation has certainly enabled our faculty and researchers to explore the benefits of the blending of the virtual with the real and in-person. At MC, we will continue to use a student-centric learning pedagogy using different delivery modes, including face-to-face delivery, online delivery, and blended delivery to ensure the best learning experience while ensuring a safe and healthy environment at the campus. At the same time, we will continue to offer both online and face-to-face research opportunities and research services to our students and researchers. At MC, we are also focusing on complementing the strong disciplinary educational and research foundation with innovation and entrepreneurship skills and inter-disciplinary knowledge to train the next generation of highly qualified personnel contributing to social innovation and knowledge based economy of the region.

MC will have strong collaboration with the Keele and Glendon campuses. The academic and research programs being planned for at MC are offered by existing York Faculties, including Lassonde School of Engineering, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, School of Arts, Media, Performance, and Design. The research centres of excellence being planned for MC will be inter-disciplinary with researchers and faculty members from the three campuses collaborating on research projects and co-supervision of graduate students. Students at MC will have the flexibility to take undergraduate and graduate courses and participate in research and co-curricular activities in any of York three campuses. Being in the heart of one of the fastest technological growing regions in the Country, MC provides all York researchers a unique opportunity to co-host and work in close vicinity with Markham organizations and develop research partnerships and innovation opportunities. Our Keele and Glendon students, faculty, and researchers will therefore have an active presence on MC. All of these activities will ensure that as a University we continue to foster our legacy of inclusiveness and connection as well as taking pride in the University to which we all belong.

MC will open in 2023 with the undergraduate and post graduate programs listed on the MC website.

MC will open in 2023 with the undergraduate and post graduate programs listed on the MC website.

Once open in 2023 MC students in all programs will have experiential learning opportunities, including internships and work placements, allowing students to collaborate directly with employers and community partners in the region.

Student Life and Campus Services

A student residence is not part of the MC building currently under construction. However, the University is in the early stages of a process to work with the private sector in pursuit of developing a purpose-built student residence in close proximity to the campus.

There are many spaces available throughout the building for the campus community to congregate for various kinds of activities. For example, the Library offers state of the art technology for students and faculty, and an Experiential Learning Hub on the same floor provides spaces for students, faculty and community members to meet in small and larger groups. In addition to open seating on every floor, there are common spaces for students on the first floor where a public art gallery is also found.

The University has established strong public and private sector partnerships to allow us to take advantage of existing infrastructure and facilities in Markham Centre to enhance the campus experience and student life. In addition to providing space for campus clubs discussions are underway regarding athletic facilities.

A dedicated childcare facility in not part of the new campus building currently under construction. York University is investigating partnerships that could allow for childcare and minding.

The Markham Campus is located in the Unionville Major Transit Station Area (MTSA) and is serviced by a number of existing and planned transit services, including the Unionville GO Station, York Region Transit and the Highway 7 VivaNext transit corridor.

The MC will be serviced by several existing and planned transit services, including the Unionville GO Station, York Region Transit and the Highway 7 VivaNext transit corridor. We are currently looking at options for the establishment of a shuttle service between the Markham and Keele campuses.

An underground passage is not part of the MC project. The site for the campus benefits from being near to transit, including a short walking distance to the nearby GO station.

York University has been a leader in supporting sustainable transportation options. The MC site will be serviced by several existing and planned transit services, including the Unionville GO Station, York Region Transit, and the Highway 7 VivaNext transit corridor. Parking on site is limited, and there will be secure bike storage available outside of the building.

We are currently working with the City of Markham to develop the plan for general campus parking that will provide for up to 1,000 spaces, over time, as student enrolment increases. A working group of City and University staff are currently working on this parking plan.

The University is in the early stages of working with the private sector in pursuit of developing a purpose-built student residence in close proximity to the campus. As this initiative is still at the conceptual stage, details have not yet been determined.

This question is likely better answered by the City of Markham. However, York is working closely with our partners in the city of Markham and the private sector to develop purpose-built student residences.


The new Markham Campus (MC) will promote both fundamental and applied research in addition to providing opportunities for innovation, entrepreneurship, and research partnerships to our students, researchers, and faculty members. We are actively working towards establishing interdisciplinary research clusters, building on York’s strengths in social sciences and humanities, arts and design, and natural science and engineering. When the MC opens in Fall 2023, our goal is to initially establish two to three transdisciplinary research clusters that are aligned with the MC academic programming and are distinct from, and complimentary to, established research centres at the Keele and Glendon campuses.

Building on York’s already strong and growing innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, the Markham campus will offer a wide range of innovative degree programming – undergraduate, graduate and professional – with research opportunities that focus on digital technologies, entrepreneurship, arts and emerging technologies, and communications. Opportunities for students to conduct research in interdisciplinary research clusters will be offered at MC as part of their undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Yes, there will be ample opportunity to participate in research projects prior to the opening of the Markham Campus. The research clusters and projects will be established at the Keele Campus initially and then relocated to the Markham Campus. The established interdisciplinary research clusters will be built on our existing strengths at the Keele and Glendon campuses, and will have strong collaborative ties between all three campuses.

Yes, entrepreneurial programming delivered through YSpace Markham will support student and community entrepreneurs to develop, launch and grow their start-up ventures. In addition, students will be able to participate in entrepreneurial experiential learning opportunities within York Region's entrepreneurial ecosystem. Students and faculty members will also have the opportunity to translate research discoveries into economically and socially viable innovations and prototypes, connect with industry and community organizations, innovate and solve socially relevant problems and collaborate on new initiatives. Through all of these activities, students will develop and apply their entrepreneurial mindset.

If you are an industry partner, please contact: Laura McLachlan, Associate Director, Commercialization & Industry Partnerships, Innovation York - lauramcl@yorku.ca

If you are a non-profit partner, please contact: Michael Johnny, Manager, Knowledge Mobilization, Innovation York – mjohnny@yorku.ca

YSpace is York University’s community entrepreneurship hub. YSpace supports a growing number of entrepreneurs, community members, and youth to build and scale their sustainable and impactful businesses. Visit yspace.yorku.ca for more information.

 Please contact: David Kwok, Associate Director, Entrepreneurship, Innovation York at davekwok@yorku.ca

If you need more information or have additional questions about research at MC, please reach out to Megan Mueller.


The Markham campus project has been moving ahead with full COVID-19 safety protocols in place. The Ministry of Labour has been visiting the site with no compliance issues having been brought forward. At this time, we are still targeting opening the campus in September 2023.
With limited people on the Keele and Glendon campuses at the moment, our planned construction projects have been moving ahead at an accelerated pace. None of our planned projects have been delayed or postponed.

We do not have a live cam up. However, we do have a drone video on the Markham Campus website which provides an ariel view of the site as it is being prepared with the construction equipment. We also have still photos showing construction progress month by month. https://www.yorku.ca/markham/building-progress/

We will be posting one image a month and when the project is complete, we will create a time lapse video using those photos.


Staffing models are currently under development and we look forward to sharing more information as soon as it becomes available.

Normal York hiring practices will be followed to ensure we hire the most qualified candidates for MC. Knowledge of the local community may be a valuable asset in the selection process. Principles of fairness and equity will be upheld

As positions are developed, they will be posted at: www.yorku.ca/jobs. Interested applicants can create a profile now and upload their resume so that they can apply quickly when they see a posting of interest.


Start-up ventures can obtain entrepreneurship support through YSpace Markham, a 10,000 square foot physical incubator located down the street from where the Markham Campus will be located. YSpace Markham will be an integral part of the Markham Campus, supporting venture creation, as well as finding new and innovative ways to engage York University students in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

YSpace Markham is not only an important part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in York Region, but also specifically to entrepreneurship at York University, YSpace Markham will connect to other programs, units and Hubs on all of York’s campuses, to ensure that students, community entrepreneurs and start-up ventures can access the resources they need to be successful.

Additionally, YSpace Digital offers online training for entrepreneurs in different stages of their entrepreneurial journey. Regardless of location, YSpace Digital provides aspiring and established entrepreneurs with an opportunity to access support which is complimentary to many of the other programs on campus.
Through the Strategic Entrepreneurship Council, York is working to ensure that those on campus delivering curricular and co-curricular entrepreneurship programming are connected and working together. Ensuring that programs like YSpace, BEST, and Schulich Start-ups are working together to provide a network of support is a priority for York.