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Amazing things happen when diverse communities work together to tackle world issues. When York University students apply their knowledge, they have the power to make things right. Join us in creating positive change. 

All students studying at Markham Campus will benefit from flexible learning formats, small class sizes and the opportunity to round out classroom learning with workplace experiential education.  

New Ways of Teaching and Learning 

York’s leading teaching and research are informed by our commitment to social justice, sustainability and the public good. Through our research, we strive to better understand and serve the world around us. 

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Benefit from engaging programs that offer innovative course design and diverse experiential education opportunities. Applications open September 2022. 

These programs are currently in University and Provincial approval processes. They are expected to be approved by June 2022. 

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Situated in the fastest growing region in Ontario, York University’s Markham Campus will offer students innovative, relevant, job-ready academic programming and research opportunities focused on creative technologies, entrepreneurship and innovation management, digital technologies, new media and communications, financial technologies, and computer science and software development. The new campus is also an opportunity to further strengthen the University’s contributions to the social and economic well-being of communities in surrounding York Region and beyond.

Gordon Binsted, incoming Deputy Provost Markham

Undergrad Programs

Bachelor in Sport Management (BSM)

This program will allow students to combine their passion for sports with an interest in management by preparing them to become sports management professionals in both private and public settings such as sports associations, sports media, sporting technology companies and retail outlets. Graduates will not only be equipped with industry-specific knowledge, they will be fluent in technical and management competencies, and easily adaptable to ever-changing and evolving technology. Students will learn from management faculty and researchers who are experts in innovation and entrepreneurship in sports. Innovative courses include creativity and innovation in sports, sports marketing and strategic sports management that will be taught by business and management faculty members from York University, as well as by active industry professionals who will bring the latest developments in sports management to the classroom. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to apply their classroom learning in workplace experiences such as in sports media and event management, and test their ideas in the incubator for sports business at Markham Campus.

Offered by Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies

Financial Technologies (BSc)

The Bachelor of Science in Financial Technologies will prepare students for a successful technology-related career in the financial sector. Graduates will have a strong grasp of cutting-edge computing and information technologies with a thorough understanding of how financial systems and institutions work. The program integrates courses in Computing including AI and data analytics for financial data, secure high-assurance financial systems design and financial cryptography with Economics, Finance and Management courses including mathematical finance, banking, payment systems, portfolio management and management information systems. The program will have a strong professional orientation and will feature an internship component where students will be able to apply their classroom learning in the workplace. The program will be part-time student friendly and with a strong focus on blended and learning-by-doing teaching methods.

Offered by Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies

Entrepreneurship and Innovation (BCom)

Markham Campus will be home to the Entrepreneurship and Innovation stream, a new and exciting option within York University’s Bachelor of Commerce programming. This stream will equip business students with the knowledge, competencies and skills needed to develop, execute, advise on, or otherwise engage in innovation projects and entrepreneurial activities. The program builds on York’s well-subscribed set of existing business courses to provide adequate breadth and depth of knowledge, but pedagogical innovation through experiential education, e-learning and other high-impact practices will be a hallmark of the program designed to meet evolving student needs. Students will have the opportunity to apply their classroom learning as they engage with the entrepreneurial ecosystem and participate in activities such as hackathons, pitch competitions, new product development, social enterprise, and start-ups. Developing an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset will allow students to embrace future opportunities regardless of their ultimate career path.

Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Students in other programs at York will have the opportunity to pair their arts, science, engineering, or other programs with a minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. This minor will expose students to the theories and practices of innovation management and entrepreneurship with an emphasis on exploring opportunities in their core disciplines. The aim of the program is to contribute to the development of innovation- enabled and entrepreneurial-minded graduates.

Offered by Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies

Communication, Social Media & Public Relations (BA)

Markham Campus will be home to an exciting new Social Media and Public Relations stream in York’s Communication & Media Studies program. This specialized stream will provide students with a solid foundation in the discipline of communication and media studies, with an intensive focus on the study of social media and public relations. During their four years of study, students will examine emerging case studies from social media and public relations, refine their writing and analysis skills, develop a portfolio to showcase their talents, and participate in hands-on learning via internships and other experiential educational opportunities. Upon graduation, students will be highly qualified and ready for advanced study or to begin a career as a communications professional in the public or private sector. Rounding out classroom learning is the opportunity for students to gain workplace experience.

Offered by Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies

Applied Liberal Arts Stream (BA)

English, History or Philosophy students can select this specialized stream of their honours program to combine their individual discipline with the development of career-ready skills, including applying liberal arts skills in real-world workplace settings. Students will complete three years at Keele Campus and transfer to Markham Campus to complete their fourth year with a combination of course work and community engagement. Students will complete a required six-credit course in first year that uses case studies to encourage students to draw on historical, literary and philosophical methods to address a variety of ‘real-world’ problems. This stream will emphasize the practical relevance of subject matter to a wide range of careers in sectors such as technology, business, government, culture and non-profit. A capstone course in the fourth year and a fourth-year work-integrated learning experience in the public or private sector will complete the program.

Offered by Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies

Creative Technologies (BFA)

This applied digital art program combines art and technology to make a difference in the world. Students will apply their learning in community settings, in entrepreneurial and creative industry contexts, and/or in shaping future innovation. With social justice at its core, this degree provides training in a range of applied creative technologies skills including interactive art and media, digital performance, digital curation and preservation, game cultures, and art-and-science-driven creativity. Graduates will use critical thinking and cutting-edge creative practice to address specific contemporary challenges such as sustainability, decolonization, and adjusting to rapid technological change. During the four years of study, students will develop technical and artistic skills and the ability to effectively create, communicate, and collaborate with others. Students will produce a portfolio that includes collaborative real-world projects, novel team-work solutions as well as individual creative works that demonstrate transferable skills and expertise. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to complete shorter ‘micro-credit’ courses in areas such as 3D printing, laser cutting, animation and visual effects, as well as professional business and communication skills. Rounding out classroom learning is the opportunity for students to gain workplace experiences in local government, arts and culture institutions, tech companies, and community-based organizations in Markham, the greater York Region, and beyond. Possible careers include building a professional digital arts career working in community or government settings; becoming a digital media content developer; education and outreach careers in the creative industries; starting your own socially aware creative technologies business; and/or continuing to future research pathways in industry or academia.

Offered by School of the Arts, Media, Performance and Design

Digital Technologies (BASc)

The Digital Technologies degree program has been specifically designed working in close collaboration with technology experts from leading national organizations. The program provides a uniquely flexible alternative to traditional university study because you will be earning a salary while studying for a degree program. Beginning in the first year, Digital Technologies students will work in a full-time job with 20 per cent of their time devoted to studying for a degree and gaining off-the-job learning. The program is designed for aspiring technology-solutions professionals looking to develop and improve products and services through the implementation of technology solutions. Students have a choice of three specialism routes that equip them with precise skills needed to excel in some of the careers with the highest demand in Canada: Software Developer, Cyber Security Analyst, and Data Scientist. The program uses a blended approach to teaching with on-campus teaching blocks at our Markham Campus and online study to allow students to fully immerse themselves in learning and allows them to benefit from the university lifestyle when on campus. Students join us from a range of organizations from small to large multinationals, from a variety of sectors such as banking, health and manufacturing.

Offered by Lassonde School of Engineering

Computer Science for Software Development (BASc)

What makes this Markham Campus program unique is its strong emphasis on project-based, experiential learning through a self-paced, flexible schedule, coupled with the development of communication, interpersonal, and other durable skills. The technical focus of this program is on software development where students have the option of specializing in areas such as cloud computing, cybersecurity, data science, and co-op. In addition to in-depth technical knowledge and skills, students will learn about privacy, ethics, law, and social and economic responsibilities and their application in computing. Students will round out their in-class and lab learning through project-based pedagogy with exciting experiential education opportunities in Markham and York Region’s thriving technology industry. Upon graduation, students will be positioned for a successful career in both the private and public sectors.

Offered by Lassonde School of Engineering

Lassonde First Year Engineering Core Program

Complete the first year of a core engineering program at Markham Campus. The first-year engineering curriculum inspires students to become changemakers and develop technologies that are used ethically to create a better world. Students will engage in projects inspired by industry and learn in new state-of-the-art facilities. Small class sizes and a collaborative learning environment will give you a sense of community and belonging that will position you for success throughout your studies. In your first year, you will have the opportunity to go on field trips to the Keele Campus to explore Lassonde’s seven different engineering programs. In your second year, you will transition to the Keele Campus to continue and complete your studies in your chosen engineering discipline.

Offered by Lassonde School of Engineering

First Year Science Program

Complete the first year of a science program at Markham Campus. Small class sizes taught by expert faculty will give you a unique learning opportunity to explore science and develop the skills that will position you for success throughout your studies. In your second year you will transition to Keele Campus to continue and complete your studies in your chosen program.

Offered by Faculty of Science

Graduate Programs

Management Practice (MSc)

The School of Administrative Studies is pleased to offer a Master of Science degree in Management Practice (MScMP), a program designed to provide future leaders in organizations with a robust understanding of management practices rooted in applied research and analysis that inform evidence-based decision making. Business operations generate increasing volumes of data, and modern leaders have a better chance to get ahead of the competition when they put the data to a better use. The MScMP focuses on most up-to-date research and analytical methods and the support they can provide in running an organization. The program is designed to serve full-time students as well as professionals who desire to obtain a graduate degree in management while continuing full-time employment. The program allows the students to focus specifically in one of the areas (Accounting, Marketing, Supply chain management, Entrepreneurship and innovation, and Managing professionals) and can be completed in three terms.

Offered by Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies

Graduate Diploma in Management

The Graduate Diploma in Management (GDM) provides students who have non-business background with a robust understanding of the field of management and key skills required in managing an organization. Through a set of modules, students are introduced to the major areas in management — organizational theory, marketing, accounting, finance, operations management, management information systems, organizational behaviour, and law — and hone their skills and knowledge in a capstone course that addresses real-life organizational problems. Students interested in public sector management can substitute two business-related modules with two modules specific to the public sector. The Graduate Diploma in Management can be taken either concurrently with other graduate programs by students who desire to expand the scope of their education or as a direct-entry diploma for candidates who seek to advance their careers. The GDM also provides non-business graduates as well as individuals that have degrees from non-Canadian institutions with the pre-requisites required to stream seamlessly into the Master of Science in Management Practice (MScMP) program offered by the School of Administrative Studies or other accredited graduate programs.

Offered by Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies

Professional Master's of Biotechnology Management

This program is one of a kind in Canada as it offers students training in practical biotechnology theories, skills and practices, a graduate education in management, and two terms of paid work-placements. During the final year, students complete an interdisciplinary capstone course that combines biotechnology and management skills and knowledge. Students will graduate with two credentials — a Professional Master’s in Biotechnology Management and a Graduate Diploma in Management — and will be positioned to make immediate contributions to the growing Canadian biotechnology industry.

Offered by Faculty of Science

Graduate Diploma in Biotechnology

A Graduate Diploma in Biotechnology is available as a stand-alone credential for students who have completed a related Biology undergraduate degree and wish to complete Biotechnology courses at the graduate level. Courses will focus on current Biotechnology practice in the Canadian private sector.

Offered by Faculty of Science

Master of Public Policy, Administration and Law (Municipal Government)

The Master of Public Policy, Administration and Law (MPPAL) offered at Markham Campus is an executive-style graduate program aimed at mid-career professionals in the broader public sector with courses tailored to part-time learners during evenings and weekends. The ongoing public health and economic crisis related to the COVID-19 pandemic highlights that municipal and regional governments, related boards and agencies, and non-profit organizations are at the forefront of not only service delivery, but responsiveness to community needs and accountability. In addition to the established required modules in Public Management and Finance; Law, Administration and Ethics; and Public Policy and Analysis, a mandatory new course will focus on pressing topics in Local and Regional Governance relevant to the municipal sector.

Offered by Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies