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Digital Cultures

York’s community of changemakers are developing a responsible and sustainable digital future in the age of rapid technological innovation.

The Digital Cultures cluster explores key societal and cultural challenges that exist in digital technologies such as:

  • the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • social media
  • 3D simulations and animation
  • artistic theories and cultural impact
  • interactive art and immersive environments
  • maker methods
  • wearable computing
  • creative coding
  • virtual and augmented reality
  • more!

This cluster will bolster academic research and creative intervention through projects developed with industry partners and other community stakeholders to address social and global health, sustainability, and climate change.

This cluster will draw together a community of interdisciplinary researchers working at the intersection of the arts, humanities, science, and digital technologies.

Students and researchers will engage with community and industry partners to develop an understanding of the impacts and application of digital technologies in relation to and informed by a social justice framework of decolonization, ethics and sustainability.

Research will consider inclusivity and ethical practices, global sustainability, and non-western modes of knowledge and will draw upon scholarship, including:

  • speculative design and critical design
  • human-computer interaction
  • interactive media
  • visualization (data science and computer graphics)
  • critical approaches to big data, machine learning and AI
  • digital humanities
  • art, science and technology studies
  • socially engaged research
  • epistemologies of knowledge

This cluster will function as a critical sandbox for the application of community-driven research. It will mobilize storytelling coupled with technological tools in the creation of projects and experiences that are designed to encourage critical engagement. It will offer academic alignment with Markham programs in digital technologies, creative technologies, social media and public relations, and computer science.

Digital Cultures research at York University

  • Vision to Science: Applications
  • Cognitive Neuroscience Lab
  • BEST Lab
  • Centre for Vision Research
  • Sensorium
  • Cinespace
  • Public Visualization Lab
  • Infoscape Research Lab
  • Institute for Research into Digital Literacies
  • Practices for Enabling Technologies (PiET) Research Lab
  • Social and Technological Systems (SaTS) Lab
  • Alice Lab for Computational Worldmaking
  • Bee Ecology, Evolution & Conservation (BEEc)
  • Digital Sculpture Lab
  • Peripheral Visions Lab
  • Future Cinema Lab
  • Augmented Reality Lab
  • Mobile Media Lab
  • N-D: Studio Lab