This conference brings together some of the most exciting recent scholarship on the US in the 1950s and 1960s.  The seven panels present thoughtful, cutting-edge research from the fields of history, political science, sociology, and literature, as well as from art, music, and film.

A highlight of the conference is the keynote address by Professor Paul Buhle from Brown University. His talk, entitled "Culture as Politics: How Vernacular Arts Opened up US Studies...and why it needed opening so badly," discusses the rise of graphic novels and other non-traditional literature, fiction and non-fiction. Buhle, an activist since his teen years, established a new left journal in the 1960s and a journal on popular culture in the 1970s. He has edited or written more than 40 books, including a three volume study of Jews and popular culture, an authorized biography of C.L.R. James, as well as graphic histories of the IWW, SDS, and Emma Goldman. 

The conference helps launch York University’s new US Studies Program and showcases, along with the contributions of other distinguished scholars, York’s excellence in “American” studies.

Conference registration is open and without charge – but we would be grateful if you registered, so we can anticipate how many will attend.  All sessions are held in the Founders College Senior Commons Room.


US Studies at York