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Science Student Caucus Elections

Science Student Caucus Elections

The Science Student Caucus represents all Faculty of Science undergraduate students at Science Faculty Council and its standing committees. We are running elections for this year's representatives. More info including list of candidates.

Our 2023-24 SSC Members

Congratulations to the winners: Adriano Tersigni, Ailiya Rizwna,Ali Bashar, Claire Del Zotto, Hemish Ahuja, Julia Tersigni, Kirti Kamlesh Vaswani, Lomesh Choudhary, Madeline Blanco, Mustafa Abdulkadhim, Natalie Moussa, Ruella Ella Ordinaria, Sara Jazaeihaghighi, Sathyanarayanan Venkatesan, Satyam Verma, Seerat Choudhry, Shon Lazarev, Taline Apelian-Sutor, Yashna Manek, Yuna (Aria) Hwang.) Hwang.

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