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Ayicia Nabigon

Ayicia Nabigon


While completing her degree at York, Ayicia also worked as a Resource Management Officer at Pukaskwa National Park in northern Ontario during the summer months. The position centred around ecological monitoring and involved collecting data and writing reports on a variety of boreal species. She is currently completing a MSc in Biology at the University of Saskatchewan where she is researching habitat selection and life history of moose in the boreal forest of Canada.

“Coming to school at York was my first experience living alone in a big city. I'm from Biigitgong Nishnaabeg, ON, a small Anishnaabe reserve with a population of just over 400. I remember how shocked I was walking through Vari Hall for the first time during the first week of classes and seeing the halls packed with wall-to-wall students. There was definitely an adjustment period as I settled into life in Toronto and attending such a big school, but I found a great and supportive culture at York and within Bethune College. My time at York was full of learning experiences, from discovering the joys of fieldwork to making use of peer study groups. One of my favourite experiences of being at York in Bethune College were the connections I made with my peers. My fellow students were always game to talk about learning opportunities, career planning, and interesting scientific discoveries. I felt as though everyone was rooting for the success of each other, professors and students alike.”