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Karine Rashkovsky

Karine Rashkovsky

Biology, 2003

Dr. Karine Rashkovsky holds a PhD in Education Policy; in addition to her entrepreneurial successes and significant leadership role in the field of progressive enrichment education in Canada, she is still involved in academic research at York University. When she is not contributing to research within York University's Faculty of Education (ex. SSHRC Insight Grant (2019 collaborator), she is the founder and director of Brain Power Enrichment Programs - Canada's award-winning enrichment learning center for bright and talented youth (grades 1 - 12), with locations in the GTA and at McMaster Innovation Park; Karine leads a team of PhD expert educators and develops and delivers unique, challenging curriculum for high-achieving students. Additionally, Karine is an advisor to Canada's Future Lawyers group, a judge for both NASA's UofT Space Hackathon and Canada's #1 Inspirational Public Speaking competitions (Speaker Slam), and she is both an Ontario VBEC mentor and professional speaker and educator (OISE - Master Classes, OMS - Operation Med School, and others). Her most recent accolades include: The Order of Vaughan Award (2021), CSPN Entrepreneur of the Year - Canada (2019), Toronto City Mogul (2019), Top Business and Entrepreneur City of Vaughan (2019, 2018), York Region's Passion into Practice Award (2018), and others. Karine is committed to impact, advocacy, and social change - and leads the way forward through her pursuits.

"My time at York University provided me with foundational experiences and skills that propelled me forward in my career. I also had inspiring professors during my time at York who both saw potential in me and nudged me to pursue academic and professional goals I may not have otherwise considered. Bethune College in particular had a warm, community feel to it, and I have fond memories of the excellent hands-on labs I was fortunate to have as part of my program, as well as the rich discussion and meaningful engagement that was provided in many of my classes."