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Affiliated Programs

Founders College is associated with a diverse mix of degree and certificate options offered as part of 23 programs in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies and one program in the Faculty of Environmental & Urban Change. Take a look below to learn about these offerings.

African Studies

Take the opportunity to pursue your interest in Africa as a double major or minor. You'll gain personal and political insight on topics such as African history, its peoples and the continent’s role in global affairs.

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Take on a comparative study of the world’s societies as you ask critical questions about contemporary, past and future social life. Explore the program's major themes: gender, health and the body; nature, science and religion; culture and performance; power, politics and development.

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Communication & Media Studies

This program is organized around three main themes: media, culture and society; critical technology studies; politics and policy. Explore the character and development of today's diverse media and communication landscapes.

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Creative Writing

Get an introduction to the various forms of literary writing. Develop a portfolio of writing, including fiction, creative non-fiction and poetry with one of the few degree programs of this kind in Canada.

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East Asian Studies

This program explores the significance of the Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages, literature and fine arts. It also investigates the economic, social and political impact of these influential nations.

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Discover literary art in all its forms, become knowledgeable about the development of literature throughout history and master the ability to write. Take a variety of courses in historical periods from medieval to contemporary in the literature of several nations.

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English & Professional Writing

English & Professional Writing is blended into a single degree program that highlights and enhances the relationship between the two fields of study. Develop your critical reading, writing and analytical thinking skills.

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Environmental Arts and Justice

Address global environmental challenges through political, philosophical, artistic, cultural and educational theory and practice. Through creativity, collaboration, critical analysis and hands-on community engagement, learn how we can envision and realize a sustainable future.

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French Studies

Focus on the study of language, linguistics and literature while exploring francophone culture around the world. We keep our classes small to give you plenty of opportunity to speak French, and interact with professors and classmates.

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Gender & Women's Studies

Discover the intersections of gender, race, class, age, ability and sexuality in popular culture, everyday life, the arts, the sciences, politics, societies and the economy.

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German Studies

Study the German language, a vital tool for academic work in numerous disciplines across the fields of humanities and social sciences. It is also a major language of business, diplomacy and tourism in the European Union.

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Global Geography

Explore how human societies and physical environments are deeply connected and constantly changing. Combine approaches from the social sciences, humanities and physical sciences to identify solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

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Health & Society

Challenge yourself to critically look at the complexity of health policy, and discover ways in which globalizing economies shape both illness and health care.

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Explore thousands of years of history in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. Learn about the immigrant experience in Canada, native history and global migration.

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Human Rights & Equity Studies

Look at the ethical principles of human rights, the roots and impact of rights violations and efforts of remedy. Discover the foundational concepts behind human rights and examine what constitutes violations.

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Indigenous Studies

Develop awareness and a sense of social responsibility relating to Indigenous issues. Learn from traditional Elders and ceremonies. Placements with Indigenous or supporting organizations also provide cultural and experiential knowledge about Indigenous lands, languages and cultures.

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International Development Studies

Explore the foundations of international development theory and how these theories translate into the practice of helping those in need. Study the realities facing communities throughout the world, and the factors contributing to the inequalities between rich and poor.

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Italian Studies

Study Italian languages, literature and linguistics. Enhance your understanding of Italy’s place in the global context and the multi-faceted and dynamic Italian culture.

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Explore questions about language, society and more through a range of courses that have applications to teaching, speech-language pathology and communication engineering.

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Portuguese & Luso Brazilian Studies

Focus on aspects of art, musical and literary expressions, history, and social and political landscapes through a wealth of courses, including experiential education opportunities.

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Professional Writing

Gain the type of practical experience highly sought after by prospective employers while studying forms of written expression that inform and shape our culture.

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Sexuality Studies

Examine the artistic, cultural, economic, geographic, historical, literary, political, psychological and social aspects of sexuality in a transnational context.

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Social Work

Combine practical experience with in-class studies about critical social work perspectives and approaches with our social work program, recognized as one of the most progressive and socially responsive of its kind in Canada.

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Develop a strong command of the Spanish language as you explore the language, literature, culture, and ethnic diversity of Spain and the Spanish-American world.

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Sustainable Environment Management

Explore some of the most critical issues facing the earth today: the climate crisis, the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services, waste management, energy consumption and sustainable solutions.

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EUC Undeclared Majors

The Undeclared Major option offers you an open first year experience that will provide you with the opportunity to take foundation courses in four majors offered by the Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change.

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Urban Studies

Gain real world perspectives and theoretical knowledge as you investigate the complex relationships among political institutions, economic systems, ecological processes, physical structures, social relations and cultural understandings.

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