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Future Students

Selection & Placement

Residence Guarantees
First year students coming directly out of an Ontario high school are guaranteed an offer in residence for the 2024-2025 Academic Year if they apply by June 3, 2024. First year students coming directly out of an Ontario high school who apply by June 3, 2024 and have an average of 90% or above are guaranteed a single room if selected as preferred on their application.

First year students coming from outside Ontario (within Canada or Internationally) are guaranteed a space in residence for the 2024-2025 Academic Year if they apply by May 1, 2024.

First-year students should experience living in a traditional dorm-style residence with a roommate. It’s a great way to meet other students, socialize and study together. Plus, you’ll enjoy the convenience of a meal plan. Dorm residence is our most affordable option and cleaning services are provided in the common areas and washrooms.

Suite-style residence is a preferred choice for upper-year students who may like to share amenities and cook and clean for themselves.
Offer Acceptance and Confirmation

Students will receive information about the new Roommate Matching, Room Selection, and Housing Acceptance process as it becomes available. New student residence offers will begin after respective deadlines. Any changes to the above dates will be communicated via email and our website.

Information about moving into residence will be available on Residence Move-in Information page and will be updated as it gets closer to move-in day. A Move-in Package email will be sent to residents who accepted a space prior to arrival.
Waitlisted Applicants
Housing Services will endeavour to update students on wait list status from time to time. However, it is the student’s responsibility to follow up regarding this by emailing undergradres@yorku.ca.


York has close to 2,500 residence spaces available for students in ten different undergraduate residence buildings at York’s Keele and Glendon Campuses.

We have Single and Double rooms in both Traditional or Suite-Style residence. Traditional dorm style Single and Double rooms have common washrooms and lounges in each floor. Suite-Style Single and Double rooms have in-suite kitchens and washrooms. A large number of the first-year spaces are double rooms, and we cannot guarantee student preferences.

Students must be enrolled in full-time undergraduate degree programs ( 24 credits over F/W terms or 12 credits per term ).

Housing & Conference Services reserves the right to limit assignments to undergraduate students under 28 years of age. Exceptions may apply for Glendon students. Please contact Housing & Conference Services for any questions.

Yes, our residence population consists of a great blend of first and upper year students. You can re-apply to live in residence in your upper years as long as you meet the eligibility criteria-students must continuously be enrolled in full-time degree program, have no behavioural infractions while living in or visiting York residence, and have no outstanding debt to the University.

2024/2025 Fall/Winter Term undergraduate residence applications are available starting at 12pm (noon) EST on February 1, 2024. Apply through the Apply Now page and follow the instructions. Set 15 minutes aside to complete and submit your application no later than June 3 to increase your chances of securing a space.

Yes, we will continue to accept residence applications throughout the summer but you will only be offered if a space is available.

Yes, a $250 application fee  is due upon application and can be paid online by Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Learn more about residence fees, deposits and rates here.

Yes, you are required to pay a $750 residence room deposit online using a credit card upon acceptance of your residence room offer. Your deposit is not an additional charge and will be deducted from your room fees after you move in. Instructions on how to pay your room deposit online will be included with your room offer.

No, students are not able to apply to specific residences. You will have the option to rank your preferences for suite vs traditional style residences and single vs double room type. We cannot guarantee your specific preferences.

First-year students are encouraged to experience living in a traditional residence. It’s a great way to meet other students, socialize and make lasting friendships. Furthermore, you will enjoy the convenience of a Meal Plan. Traditional residence is our most affordable option. Cleaning service is provided in the common areas and washrooms.

Suite-style residences are a suitable choice for upper-year students who will be independent, share amenities, cook and clean for themselves.

Housing will make every effort to accommodate everyone’s preferences, but cannot make guarantees as assignments will depend on availability. Students should be prepared to accept any space that is offered in any residence with the objective of having a complete university experience!

The average room size is 110 square feet and is furnished with a single/twin-sized bed, lamp, desk, chair, dresser, closet and garbage bin. Students supply their own linens or may purchase linens through York University's external partner Residence Linens prior to arrival and they will be shipped to the Housing Office and ready for when you arrive.

Yes, each room has wireless and wired Internet connection.

Pond suites are equipped with a fridge/freezer and stove. Students provide their own microwave.

Bethune suites are equipped with a fridge/freezer, stove and microwave.

Calumet suites are equipped with a fridge, freezer, convection oven, microwave and hotplate.

All students living in suites will provide their own small appliances, pots, pans, cooking utensils and cleaning supplies.

Most first-year students will be sharing a double room. Students are typically assigned with roommates of the same gender. The residence application lists specific questions about your lifestyle preferences which will be used to match your compatibility with potential roommates. To ensure optimal compatibility and harmonious roommate relations, we suggest you answer the questions thoroughly and honestly.

First-year students who apply by the guaranteed deadlines and are assigned double spaces will have the opportunity to select a roommate. 

All residences at York have mixed gender spaces with shared washrooms and common areas, however there are limited designated single-gender communities within some buildings. These communities are gender-specific based on the gender identity indicated on a student’s school application.

Single gender communities are not guaranteed, and as these communities are within mixed-gender buildings, students of any gender from within the building have access to that community. Each building has staff of all genders who may at times be within single-gender communities for carrying out their role responsibilities and supporting students. Additionally, while the people living in a single-gender community will all be of one gender people living within that community may have visitors of all genders.

You can indicate a preference for a same gender floor/section on the application.

No, all residences are smoke-free. Smoking is also strictly prohibited within 9 metres of the building entrance.

Rules and policies on cannabis smoking, possession and cultivation are available in Residence Community Standards.

Residents are encouraged to contact their Don/Residence Life Coordinator on all smoking and cannabis concerns they may have. Issues will be addressed with responsible residents in accordance with policies set in the Residence Occupancy Agreement and Residence Life Handbook.

The purchase of a Dining Plan is mandatory in all traditional residences where cooking facilities are not provided. Compact Refrigerators are permitted in student rooms. Students may either purchase a compact refrigerator themselves or rent one from our external partner Coldex. Students living in suites with kitchen access may purchase optional meal plans. For more information, visit the Food Services website.

York has over 40 food service providers at the Keele Campus offering a wide variety of food types including salads, soup and sandwiches, full “home-style” dinners, fast food, international, halal and kosher food. Glendon Campus offers a main dining hall and other food outlets.

We suggest you budget about $12,713-$17,577 to cover your residence and food costs for the eight-month period, not including personal spending money. Please refer to the website for information about Undergraduate Residence rates.

In addition to your room and meal costs, all students are required to pay an $80 Residence Life fee. You may incur additional costs if you wish to subscribe to phone and cable TV. Students are strongly recommended to get contents insurance as the University is not responsible for loss or damage of personal property for any reason.

Your residence occupancy is effective for the 2024-2025 Fall and Winter academic terms but excludes the winter holiday closure period when the residences are closed. Students are required to make alternative living arrangements during the closure period but students who live out-of-province may appeal to stay in residence if they have no alternative accommodation and will be charged a standard Holiday Closure fee if they are approved.

The Undergraduate Residence contract commence on Check-In Date. Guidelines for move-in will be posted on the Residence Move-in Information Page in August. Move-out is 24 hours after the student completes their F/W Term classes/exams or Saturday, April 26, 2025, at noon (12:00pm), whichever is earlier.

Keele Check-in Dates

Student GroupCheck-in Date
First-year International StudentsSunday, August 25, 2024
First-year Domestic StudentsSunday, August 25, 2024
Fall-only and Full-year Exchange StudentsSunday, August 25, 2024
Upper-Year StudentsTuesday, September 3, 2024
Winter-only Exchange Students and Winter Intake StudentsFriday, January 3, 2025

Absolutely! Each residence has Residence Dons, who will lend a helping hand during your transition to university life and will be your resource during your time in residence. Residence Dons report to a live-in professional Residence Life Coordinator, who is fully trained to manage simple to complex resident concerns.

The Village is a residential neighbourhood just beyond the south boundary of York University’s property. Residential dwellings in the Village are privately owned and York has no ownership or legal jurisdiction within this community. Many homes in the Village have been converted to “rooming houses” that do not comply with Provincial building and fire regulations and rooms are rented to anyone, not just students. Many owners do not live within the rooming houses that they own and may not be immediately available to tenants when issues arise. Please read About "The Village" for more information.

Tours are not currently offered on a regular basis. We do show rooms during Fall Campus Day and Spring Open House.

We encourage you to view our residence buildings and gallery.

Common spaces in residence buildings are cleaned by Housing staff daily between 7:30am - 3:30pm (does not include washroom in suite style buildings). On weekends, minor cleaning (garbages emptied, washrooms cleaned (trad style) will be completed between 7:30am - 3:30pm.

Students are responsible for cleaning their own rooms (including garbage/recycling removal to garbage rooms), and share the responsibility of cleaning shared washroom and kitchen spaces in 2-12 person suites. Students are encouraged to discuss cleaning tasks and schedules with their suitemates. Residence Life Dons are available to help this process.

Upon move-in, students may not change their building or room assignment without permission from Housing & Conference Services through a transfer request. The Transfer Request Form goes online every October. If experiencing roommate conflicts or other challenges, residents must first contact their Don or Residence Life Coordinator. Transfer will not be granted unless they are mediated by Residence Life & Housing & Conference Services and pending room availability. If you receive written approval to transfer to another residence/room, you will be charged a transfer fee and as well as the rate for the new room (pro-rated as of the day of transfer).

Note: Housing & Conference Services strives to ensure the completeness and accuracy of information contained on this website, however, we reserve the right to change any of the information at any time without notice.