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LA&PS Voices is York University's weekly lifestyle blog inspired by our vibrant LA&PS community. The blog offers thoughtfully written advice, resources, and opinions that centre around life as a LA&PS student- including the aspects of university life that don't always make it into the highlight reel. LA&PS Voices is written by students, for students, and is led by an editorial team committed to producing content rooted in our shared community. Check back every Wednesday for new articles! 

Have you ever been “Tall Poppied?”

Have you ever been “Tall Poppied?”

March 21, 2023

By India Madsen, LA&PS Voices Blog Editor  According to the ancient Roman historian Livy, there once lived a son of a tyrannical king, who upon seizing political power in a distant city, sent a messenger to his father asking what to do next. The father responded with no words. Instead, he simply grabbed a stick, and in one broad stroke, sliced off the tallest poppies among a group of flowers that happened to be growing near him. The son listened to the messenger’s account of what the king had done, and interpreted this act as a symbolic message to kill the most prominent, powerful people in the city. The son followed his father’s instructions to ensure the longevity of his political reign.  What does such a legend have to do with us today? More than you might expect.   Named after the king’s actions in the legend, many high-achieving people today ...

Messages from our Editors

Hey Lions, welcome to LAPS Voices!  

I am an editor of Voices and a third-year student working towards a degree in Professional Writing here at York. (Those of you from New College may also recognize me from the pages of the New Beat newsletter). 

When people think of writing as a profession, the image of someone working alone in a dark, dingy room may come to mind. But that’s not all writing can be. In fact, I believe that written communication is often essential to making connections with those around us. Working on LAPS Voices has allowed me to truly feel like a part of our York community and I hope that this blog is a starting point for you to feel the same way. As an editor and content creator for LAPS Voices, I am dedicated to creating a space for our community to thrive. Showcasing your ideas and experiences is at the heart of this undertaking—so I invite you to reach out! Whether you read or contribute, I hope that Voices offers you an opportunity to connect with our LAPS community. 

Editor, LA&PS Voices 

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Suhel Singh Randhawa profile photo

I am an editor of Voices, and a second-year student, pursuing a degree in Finance. I was born and raised in Panjab, and I am an avid reader, and I love to write and to play the guitar. I was a member of the editorial team in my school, and I am glad that I have found a similar thing at York as well! 

Writing is an art, and like any other art, it is a way of transforming what one feels in one’s heart, into a form that can be witnessed by the world, and felt by every viewer. It is the flow of the feelings of one’s heart through his arms and fingers, onto a piece of paper (well, a computer screen too), so that others can find ways to understand what they may feel. 

As an editor of the LAPS Voices, I wish to create a platform where we can be a voice for the York community, and for humanity, so that we can come together as one, hand in hand, in joy and sorrow, and live in harmony. I want this to be a platform where students from different walks of life, and different parts of the world can share their experiences and ideas, and for everyone to read and learn from, which will help us become the best versions of ourselves. 

I invite the everyone to reach out to us, talk to us, discuss ideas with us, so that we can live up to our name, of being a voice for LAPS. 

Akaal Sahai. 

- Suhel Singh Randhawa
Editor, LA&PS Voices 


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