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Degree Options & Requirements

Not sure which courses you need to enrol in to complete the requirements for your degree? The checklists below are intended as guides to help you select which courses you need to take.

To find out which courses you have already completed toward your degree, use the Degree Progress Report. For more help, contact your academic advisor.

Honours Minor

The Minor in English Language Studies program may be combined with any approved Honours BA program offering a major/minor option in the Faculties of Environmental Studies, Health, Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, or Science, the School of the Arts, Media, Performance and Design or the Lassonde School of Engineering. For further details on requirements, refer to the listings for specific Honours programs that may be pursued jointly with other Faculties.

Note: in a major/minor program, a course may count only once toward major credit or minor credit.

Minor credits: The Minor comprises at least 30 credits, including:


  • AP/ESL 1450 6.00
  • AP/ESL 2000 6.00
  • AP/ESL 3010 3.00
  • AP/ESL 3020 3.00
  • AP/ESL 4015 3.00
  • AP/ESL 4025 3.00


  • AP/TESL 3600 3.00
  • AP/LING 2400 3.00
  • AP/LING 2430 3.00
  • AP/WRIT 3003 3.00
  • AP/WRIT 3989 3.00
  • GL/ENSL 2400 3.00
  • GL/ENSL 3501 3.00
  • GL/ENSL 3510 3.00
  • GL/ENSL 3800 3.00

The program includes 24 courses housed within the existing ESL section of DLLL and an additional 6 credits that are offered in other programs and, in some cases, departments, as electives.

ESL CoursesCredits
AP/ESL 1450 Thinking about Contemporary Canada6
AP/ESL 2000 Language in Use6
AP/ESL 3010 Intercultural Communication3
AP/ESL 3020 World Englishes and Translingual Communication3
AP/ESL 4015 English for Specific Purposes3
AP/ESL 4025 Critical Academic Literacies3
Electives (6 credits) – after completing 15 ESL creditsCredits
AP/TESL 3600 Sociopolitical Issues in Second Language Teaching3
AP/LING 2400 Language in its Social Context3
AP/LING 2430: Language, Power & Persuasion3
AP/WRIT 3003 Introduction to Institutional/Business Writing3
AP/WRIT 3989 Effective Writing and Research3
GL/ENSL 2400 English in Performance: Dramatic Arts3
GL/ENSL 3501 Varieties of English Writing3
GL/ENSL 3510 Modes of Communication3
GL/ENSL 3800 Dealing with Viewpoint3