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Study Abroad

Don’t just learn about the world–experience it!

Study Abroad is an important and exciting experience as it provides several personal, professional and academic benefits. It enables you to have real life immersion opportunities in other cultures, practice and build your language skills, gain inter-cultural knowledge and communicate and interact knowledgeably with local peoples and cultures. Moreover, you'll get to expand your horizons, grow, make lasting connections and develop a deeper awareness of the world.

At DLLL, we are committed to offering meaningful study-abroad experiences to help you discover the world. In fact, faculty members in Italian Studies were among the first to pioneer various immersive opportunities in Italy. The Spanish and German Studies programs have also delivered exciting courses in Spain and in Germany. Our study-abroad courses can combine on campus and abroad components. Our current offering is in Berlin, Germany with an exciting course titled Berlin: History, Memory, and the Contemporary City (GER/HUMA 3600 6.0.). For more information contact Professor Mueller (German Studies coordinator):

So, as you work to complete your undergrad degree, take advantage of our study-abroad opportunities to travel outside Canada and immerse yourself in a new culture. Check our options today and go on adventure tomorrow! Experience the cultures our languages live in!