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Languages & Literatures

Experience the rich variety of language, culture and literatures courses offered at the Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics. Learn a new language, experience a new culture and enrich your imagination with DLLL's degree-granting programs.

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Degree Programs

Beautiful architectural landscape and landscape in West Lake, Hangzhou

Chinese Studies

Study the language of one of the richest and oldest civilizations in the world.

English Language Studies

Study one of the most prominent languages of all time and its rich history.

German Studies

Explore the language, culture and society of the German-speaking world. You will have the opportunity to study abroad with Canada’s best range of exchange programs.

Italian Studies

Study Italian languages, literature and linguistics and enhance your understanding of Italy’s place in the global context and the multi-faceted and dynamic Italian culture.

Japanese Studies

Learn the Japanese language and appreciate Japanese culture in our program offering course selection breadth and academic depth.

Portuguese & Luso Brazilian Studies

Learn the Portuguese language and explore the history, culture, and literature of the Lusophone world with our Portuguese & Luso-Brazilian Studies program.


Develop a strong command of the Spanish language as you explore the language, literature, culture and ethnic diversity of Spain and the Spanish-American world.

Non-degree Language & Literature Course Options

For literature and language lovers to engage and indulge their passion for learning a new language.