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Namaste! As-salaam aalaykum!

Open doors to new career paths in the age of globalization–and engage with Bollywood culture on a deeper level–by studying Hindi-Urdu language and literature. Hindi is the official language of India, spoken in different regional variations in many northern Indian states, as well as throughout the South Asian diaspora of the Western world. Urdu is the national language of Pakistan and commonly spoken in India. You will learn the similarities between Hindi and Urdu, including their shared grammar and vocabulary, even though they are written in two different scripts and have distinct literary canons.

Learning Hindi-Urdu is exciting, challenging and relevant especially as South Asia grows economically and politically. Regardless of your background and chosen major, enhancing your knowledge about South Asia and the South Asian diaspora will provide academic and personal benefits, offering new career paths and a deeper understanding of the language and culture. 


Description: This course is an introduction to standard written and spoken Hindi-Urdu designed for students with no formal training in or knowledge of Hindi or Urdu. Introduction to both Hindi and Urdu vocabulary, but only the Hindi (Nagari) script is used.

Course credit exclusions: None.

Prior to Fall 2009

Course credit exclusion: AS/HND 1000 6.00.

Description: Introduces students who are able to communicate in colloquial Hindi and/or Urdu to the Nagari writing system and to the basic grammar of Hindi-Urdu. In order to introduce the reading and writing skills, it builds on students' existing speaking and listening competency.

Course credit exclusions: AP/HND 1000 6.00.

Not open to: Students who have already taken AP/HND 1000 6.00.

Notes: An authorization slip is required; it can be obtained at the Main Office of Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics, after the required interview or after a placement questionnaire is filled.

Description: This course focuses on more complex grammatical structures, expanding vocabulary, and on developing competence in a wide range of communicative situations in Hindi-Urdu. The Hindi (Deva Nagari) script is used, however, students are also introduced to the Urdu (Nastaliq) script.

Prerequisite: AP/HND 1000 6.00 or permission of the department.

Description: Introduces students to South Asian literature and culture through prose, poetry, music and film. Texts originally written in Hindi and Urdu are emphasized. All readings in English.

Description: The course explores the various forms of literary and filmic expression, of self-identified women, including queer women, from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and the South Asian Diaspora in the last century and the present day. All texts are in English Translation.

Course Credit Exclusion: AS/HND 3600 3.00

Description: Premchand (1880-1936) is one of the most eminent writers of modern Hindi-Urdu fiction. The course introduces students to his oeuvre as it emerged in a period of heightened nationalist consciousness and anti-colonial activism. Note: Knowledge of Hindi and/or Urdu is not required. All readings are available in English translations. Students with advanced knowledge of Hindi and/or Urdu are encouraged to read the original text.

Course credit exclusions: None.

Prior to Fall 2009

Course credit exclusion: AS/HIND 3610 3.00.

Description: This course investigates the phenomenon of South Asian diaspora in modern, postcolonial, and global contexts. It examines an interdisciplinary literature from the Humanities and Social Sciences in order to establish the social features of diaspora and the cultural expressions of the diasporic condition through a consideration of theoretical, literary, and ethnographic texts. Note: Knowledge of Hindi and/or Urdu is not required.


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