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Choose a unique linguistic experience. Learn Korean, the official language of both North and South Korea. Worldwide, there are around 78 million Korean speakers, including large groups in the former Soviet Union, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Japan and, more recently, the Philippines.

Learning Korean offers you a window to a dynamic culture and history. Today, Korea is a vital and thriving economic, technological and industrial centre in Asia. The Korean writing system, Hangul, has been referred to as “one of the great intellectual achievements of humankind.”

Our courses emphasize communication and offer an awareness of the language’s crucial linguistic characteristics. You’ll also read, research and discuss various cultural and social issues in contemporary Korea. Take the opportunity to further your studies with courses on Korean culture and history offered through the Humanities and History departments.

Choose from four levels of study for the Korean language: Elementary Korean focuses on the skill of talking about basic information in essential everyday life situations. In the intermediate course, you’ll develop interpretive and expressive abilities by discussing readings and writing texts. And the advanced course provides an opportunity to learn more about modern and contemporary Korea, as well as expand your language proficiency.  The 4000-level business Korean course offers a chance to develop linguistic proficiency necessary in a wide range of business settings.


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